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Here are our top bestselling artificial plants green wall vertiical gardens!

Best 9 greenery panels sold to date

At the end of the year, we always look forward to seeing which of our artificial green wall panels make the Top 9! 

In 2020, we noticed a lot of folks gravitated towards our most lush, statement-making pieces. It makes sense, since a lot more people were spending more time at home than they usually did, so everyone wanted to make their homes look their very best.

So if you’re searching for green wall panels for your own space but having trouble narrowing down which ones would work best, this list is for you! Keep scrolling to discover our most popular vertical garden panels to date.

Benefits of our Artificial Green Walls

  • Easy to move and install

Artificial green walls are light and portable, making them easier to move compared to their counterparts. You also won’t need to worry about soil and watering systems that a real vertical garden installation would require.

  • Low maintenance

No watering, fertilising, pruning, or pest control required! Your artificial green wall will look brand new and fresh for years with just a quick wipe down every few months.

  • Durable and long-lasting

Your artificial green wall panels are never going to be in danger of dying! No matter the weather condition or season, your artificial vertical garden is going to stay lovely and evergreen all year round.

  • Calming effect

Looking at plants has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety, which makes it a great way to turn your home into a sanctuary, away from the chaos of the outside world. 

  • Variety of designs

No matter the style of decor you’ve got going in your space, we’ve got a plant that would look at home there! We’ve got everything from small flowering plants and tropical palms, to custom tall trees and gorgeous boxwood hedges. There’s something for everyone!

  • Add privacy

A lot of our clients seek our artificial green walls purely for their function as a privacy screen. They’re a much more attractive option compared to fencing or a plain brick wall, so if maintaining privacy is important to you, an artificial green wall might be your best bet.

  • Designer Plants® Green Walls are also non-toxic and can be recycled!

We believe that your home improvement shouldn’t cause harm to our shared planet. That’s why we’ve designed high quality, non-toxic, 100% recyclable green walls!

Our best-selling Green Wall Panels

These are the best of the best! Scroll down to see our Top 9, and find out which artificial green wall panel got the coveted #1 spot.

9. Jasmine Hedge Screen


9. Jasmine Hedge Screen by Designer Plants

The natural hues of this hedge screen makes it a really popular option for those who want a realistic look for their artificial greenery. As with all our green wall panels, the Jasmine Hedge Screen can be cut into any shape. When that’s paired with its realistic look, an organic partial growth look is an impactful option, as shown in the image above!

8. Boston Ivy Leaf Screen


The classic Boston Ivy Leaf vertical garden panels elevate the look of a space with their unique leaf shapes, realistic mix of colours, and dense foliage. This versatile design looks just as good in an elegant modern setting, like this poolside fence, as it would somewhere more casual or whimsical.

7. Mediterranean Fern Panel

If you’re after a subtle tropical feel, you can’t go wrong with the Mediterranean Fern Vertical Garden panels. Fern is full of character, making this green wall a real conversation starter! The vibrant green hue is also another thing that draws customers to this green wall panel.

6. Deluxe Buxus Hedge Panel


6. Deluxe Buxus Hedge by Designer Plants

The Deluxe Buxus Hedge Panels are a classic, manicured, and elegant look that suits any outdoor space perfectly! These hedge panels allow you to have that healthy hedge look without having to commit to years of fertilising and pruning to get it.

5. Laurel Hedge Trellis

5. Laurel Hedge Trellis by Designer Plants

The large leaves of our laurel hedge creates a lush garden atmosphere wherever you place these wall panels. Featuring a realistic look and easy installation, the Laurel Hedge Extendable Trellis can adapt to a large range of fence sizes, which is perfect for those who plan to move it around from time to time.

4. Spring Sensation Hedge Screen

The mix of green and yellow hues in the Spring Sensation Hedge Screen makes it a popular choice for outdoor spaces. The realistic look combined with its picture-perfect shape is sure to fool neighbours and guests into thinking that you spend a great deal of time sculpting your hedges!

3. Snowy White Vertical Garden

White flowers are dotted upon a sea of greenery, adding visual interest to the Snowy White Vertical Garden. These green wall panels are for those who really want to make a design statement. They contain a mix of bold foliage that really elevates it into a centrepiece in any space.

2. White Oasis Vertical Garden

2. White Oasis Vertical Garden by Designer Plants

Create a lush tropical escape in your own home with the dreamy White Oasis Vertical Garden. Coming in at 2nd place on our list, these green wall panels feature a mix of differently hued foliage that make a maximum impact!

1. Green Tropics Vertical Garden

1. Green Tropics Vertical Garden by Designer Plants

And here we have our 1st place winner – the Green Tropics Vertical Garden panels! This design is versatile, with a varied selection of leaves creating visual appeal that suits a range of different spaces. We’ve seen this green wall being used in homes, restaurants, offices, and shopfronts, and it always looks perfectly suited to the space that it’s installed in.

The Green Tropics Vertical Garden panels definitely deserve this #1 spot!

Find the right Vertical Garden Panels for your space!

Whether you’re using your green wall panels to decorate your home or accessorize your outdoor spaces, the range here at Designer Plants® will have something that works. We pride ourselves on creating vertical garden panels that look realistic, last for years, and are easy to install and maintain!

If you’re not sure which artificial vertical garden is right for you, you can get in touch with our team of expert consultants who can help you choose the perfect option for your space. 

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