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Artificial Outdoor Plants

Using a variety of artificial plants, you can beautify your outdoor space without having to maintain it frequently, like live green plants.

Use Artificial Outdoor Plants to Add Greenery to Your Garden

Are you tired of the constant maintenance and upkeep of your outdoor garden? Why not replace it with Designer Plant Australia’s impressive range of outdoor artificial plants? Our natural-looking fake outdoor plants do not need watering, pruning, or fertilising – a perfect solution for anyone who wants to add a touch of greenery to their property without any hassles.

Made from the best quality raw materials, we have a vast collection of artificial outdoor plants, hedges, and trees in various styles, colours, and shapes, with which you can create the garden of your dreams with minimal effort.

Earth-Friendly Artificial Outdoor Hedges, Trees & Plants in Australia

Whether you need a fake green wall to create a lively office space or a faux hedge to add privacy to your backyard, our UV-resistant outdoor fake plant range has you covered. These outdoor artificial plants are perfect for sustaining Australian weather conditions. Let’s see some more reasons why faux outdoor plants are gaining popularity.

No seasonal changes
Live plants shed their flowers and leaves seasonally, while artificial plants are unaffected by seasonal changes. Since there is no risk of fading or withering, fake green plants are the perfect foliage to create a natural-looking outdoor hedge wall.

Minimal upkeep
Compared to natural plants, these fake outdoor plants just need occasional washing to keep them looking fresh and in tip-top condition all year round – an ideal solution for separating different areas of the space. You can use them to create an isolated meeting zone for your office needs or celebrations at home.

More durable
The materials used in making these fake plants or hedges are long-lasting and of higher than standard quality, increasing their durability. Plus, they are water and pest resistant due to the resilient coating applied to their leaves. Thus, adding artificial plants or green panels to your courtyard or backyard can give a brighter appearance and be an excellent alternative to concrete walls.

Excellent Way to Protect Your Home
Unlike natural plants, these artificial plants, hedges, or trees don’t need natural elements like air and sunlight to survive. Plus, they are easy to install in a few hours. So, if you want to create an instant outdoor boundary and protect your home from intruders, our fake hedge panels are a great option.

Also, the thick volume of these artificial hedge panels acts as a sound barrier to reduce outside noise.

Why Buy From Designer Plants Australia

We understand the importance of affordability, which is why our outdoor artificial plants are offered at the competitive prices in the market. Our fake outdoor plants are also recyclable and retain their original look and feel for years, saving you money in the long run.

We ensure that your artificial plant purchase is taken care of every step of the way, from manufacturing to delivery. Our worldwide clientele trusts us with their artificial needs; whether they’re individuals or corporations, we provide quality products and services you can rely on.

Our artificial plants come with additional features like –

  • ROHS-compliant
  • Allergen Free
  • Fire Certified
  • Fast Shipping Across Australia
  • 100% Secure Online Shopping Experience

So, choose Designer Plants Australia if you want to transform your outdoor space with botanically correct faux plants without worrying about the cost of maintenance.

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