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Can you keep artificial plants from fading outside?

We’ve seen more folks opt for artificial plants for their outdoor gardens, so we figured it’s a good time to share some neat tips and tricks on how to keep artificial plants from fading outside!

Fake plants are low maintenance, won’t die on you, and are easy to move around. You can see why they’ve become a much preferred option for busy plant lovers. So if you love the look of plants around your home but just don’t have the time or energy for maintaining a garden, an artificial outdoor garden is the perfect choice!

There are a few other things to consider if you want to prevent your outdoor artificial plants from fading outside – keep scrolling to learn what they are.


Why It’s Important To Keep Your Outdoor Artificial Plant From Fading


You want it to look good for longer

Well, this is an obvious one. Faded plants just don’t look good! An artificial outdoor garden will look best when your plants look healthy and shiny, so ensuring that your plants are clean, dust-free, and vibrant is the best way to impress anyone who steps into your outdoor garden.


Fading also comes with other damage 

Fading is often a symptom of more serious damage. It’s usually signals that your artificial plant has also become weak and brittle. There’s no way to fix this much extensive damage, so your only option would be to dispose of it. 

If you do have to dispose of a 100% recyclable Designer Plants product, please remember that we have a recycling program for exactly this purpose!


It’s better to make sure your plants last a long time!

While our range of artificial plants is affordable and earth-friendly, making sure your artificial plants last a long time is key to a more sustainable way of living. Not only that, you’ll also reduce repeat purchases so you’re stretching each dollar you spend!

What Are The Factors That Impact Artificial Plants’ Longevity?


Outdoor artificial plants and trees are impacted by a variety of factors. If you want your artificial outdoor plants to last a long time outdoors and look great for years to come, definitely consider these factors and use our recommended tips.

How to keep artificial plants from fading outside

1. UV Protection

When searching for outdoor artificial plants, the first thing you need to do is look for high-quality plants with UV protection. This will help combat fading due to solar damage, which is the main reason some fake plants deteriorate over time. So find yourself some fade resistant plants to begin with.

Here at Designer Plants, we make sure our plants are treated with UV protection during manufacturing itself. Our non-toxic, durable, and realistic artificial plants are made of a blend of materials that include UV resistance. That means the fake plants we make will last a long time and will not fade when placed outdoors!

Tip: Find artificial plants with UV resistance built into their materials, and make sure you add a UV Protection Spray to your shopping cart as well.

2. Weather

The great thing about artificial outdoor plants is that they don’t have any strict sun or watering requirements. However, even the most well-made artificial plants will find it challenging to stay beautiful when constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions!

Tip: Observe your outdoor spaces and avoid areas which are exposed to harsh winds and heavy rain, as it can impact the integrity of your plants.

3. Sun exposure

The main cause of fading in artificial outdoor plants is excessive solar damage. In a nutshell, that means the plant has had to withstand so much direct sunlight that it causes it to fade and go brittle.

Tip: Clean your artificial outdoor plants every 4-6 months and make sure to treat it with a UV Protection Spray to mitigate any sun damage.

4. Location

It’s important that you properly plan where to put your artificial plants. While an artificial plant looks great just about anywhere, they last much longer when placed in areas with partial shade and away from harsh weather conditions.

Tip: Even if you opt for a less-than-ideal location, you can make it a point to move your artificial plants around so they each have a break from being completely exposed to the elements.

Make sure your outdoor artificial plants last longer and look brand new for years to come

Different Types Of Outdoor Artificial Plants


When choosing the artificial plants for your outdoor garden, it’s important to consider the space first. If you have limited floor space, you might need to think about making use of vertical space instead. 

Artificial vertical gardens have become popular in small spaces like balconies, patios, and small backyards. With a range of different designs and highly customisable nature, our best-selling artificial green wall panels allow you to create an outdoor garden that’s truly unique to  your space!

Alternatively, you can use hanging plants to create visual interest in your garden. The best part about this outdoor artificial plant option is that you don’t need to ever take these down to water them. This saves you a lot of time in the long run.

If privacy is important to you, artificial hedges can help keep your garden from prying eyes while still making your property look stylish and attractive. As a bonus, artificial hedges can also update old walls and fences, or cover up unsightly utilities on your property.

There are also other decorative outdoor artificial plants you can place around your home, including artificial palm trees that can survive the frost (unlike their real counterparts!). If a more manicured garden is what you’re after, topiary plants that don’t need any trimming might be what you’re looking for.

So Can You Keep Artificial Plants From Fading Outside?


The answer is yes!

But it depends entirely on the level of UV protection, location, weather conditions, solar exposure, and quality of the artificial plant itself. Just make sure you take the time to research the fake plants you’re planning to buy. And definitely create a plan for the design of your outdoor garden that makes it ideal for your artificial plants.

The artificial outdoor garden of your dreams is just a few clicks away. Our friendly Designer Plants experts can help you choose the perfect artificial plants for your outdoor space, so contact us now to get your artificial garden started today!


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