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Gorgeous Flower Wall For Hire In Mornington Peninsula

Want one of those gorgeous backdrops for your event? Looking for that one stunning one-piece that makes it to the core memory of all of your guests. Flower Walls make for amazing insta-worthy spaces without making a hole in your wallet.

Designer Plants have a fantastic collection of flower walls for hire delivered throughout Mornington Peninsula. Made from the highest quality faux flowers and inspired by the latest trends of the time, our floral designs will have your guests in awe of the beauty of the backdrop. Ultra-real flowers, handcrafted to perfection, are used to make our flower walls.

Design The Flower Wall You Hire In Mornington Peninsula

White Flower Wall Panel Mornington

Depending on your event’s duration, you should choose between natural and faux flowers. With faux flowers, you don’t ever have to worry about the wilting of flowers, and they can be set up at any spot. Many considerations have to be kept in mind while choosing live flowers, and it also limits the flowers you can choose.

Our panels feature lush and varied foliage available in varying colours and textures that can be cut into specific shapes to make your wall. There are multiple ways to make the flower wall more personalised and attractive: a neon sign, some woodwork, and a name sign. Hire a flower wall in Mornington Peninsula from Designer Plants, and our expert team members will guide you at every step, helping you bring your walls to life.

Fake Flower Walls Are The Way To Go

Here are a few more reasons why you should opt for renting out fake flower walls.

  • Cost-effective.
  • No wilting petals and get a consistent appearance throughout the event.
  • Easy to redesign.
  • Set up and Installation Takes Place in minutes.
  • Suitable for multi-day events.

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High quality artificial green walls with fake plants
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