High Quality Artificial Greenery

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Earth-friendly and Recycled Artificial Plants

In an effort to make a positive impact on the environment with our product range, you can select from a collection of artificial plants made from recycled materials. While you’re already lowering your impact on the environment by choosing plants that don’t need any water or pesticides, you’ll also be saving plastic from ending up in the landfill when you buy from Designer Plants. We also have a recycling programme too. You can bring back your old artificial plants and green walls to be revived and turned into something new. 

Reducing Waste Without Sacrificing On Quality

The plastic used is still of a high quality, made without any potentially harmful ingredients that can leach into the environment too. You’ll still be getting the outstanding Designer Plants quality that you know and love, just made with materials from a slightly different source to most manufacturers.

Made With Recycled Plastic

Our recycled artificial plants are budget-friendly, whether you want to buy in bulk for your commercial property, want to order a couple of them for your office or a single one for your bedroom corner. Whether you order a UV treated Ivy garland or hanging plants, you will get timely delivery to your doorstep.

✔️ Fast Delivery ✔️Highly Realistic ✔️Wide Range of Recycled Artificial Plants

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