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Plant Bundles

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Take The Challenge Out of Choosing

Explore our range of carefully cultivated artificial plant bundles. Sometimes when you’re starting out with plants, it can be a challenge to cultivate a certain look or aesthetic. We’ve taken the difficult part out of your hands created collections of plants that’ll look beautiful together. You can cluster them together, or spread across an entire room. We’ve blended complementary colours and contrasting textures together to create visually stunning clusters of plants that you can style however you like. 

Pre-Made Collections of Artificial Plants That Already Look Perfect Together

Whether you’re looking for small potted plants to put on those gaps in the shelves, or want something elegant like a hanging basket, there’s an artificial plant bundle that’ll add the finishing touch to your home. You’ll also enjoy a discount on your plant bundle collection. This makes it an affordable way to instantly transform your home, garden or patio with a splash of greenery.

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