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Fence designs and green options for your home

Modern home fence design

Deciding on the type of fence to build on your property can be overwhelming. When you look at modern home fence designs, there are so many options to choose from that it can be difficult to know the right option for you.

Luckily, we’ve got a sneak peek into some expert tips on how to tackle that fencing project!

Modern home fence design - Modern fence by ModularWalls in South Yarra, Victoria

Modern fence by ModularWalls in South Yarra, Victoria


How to choose the right fence design

Before you start getting quotes, there are some things to consider first. Sit down with a notepad and a phone or laptop and start to answer these questions, researching as you go.


What are you trying to achieve? Do you need extras, like stepping/raking, retaining or extra drainage? Are there any environmental requirements, like BAL ratings or cyclonic wind region ratings? Knowing what your fence needs to do is an important first step in choosing a modern home fence design. Common fencing goals include security, privacy, noise reduction, aesthetic framing or simple boundary demarcation.


Next, have a think about what type of material(s) you would like to use and how many you want to incorporate. Consider your budget, environment, home’s aesthetic and outdoor lifestyle.


What is the best height for your fence? If it’s a decorative border, height isn’t too important. However, if you’re looking for privacy, security or noise reduction, the higher, the better! First, though, make sure that you’re aware of your local council fencing regulations in your area. Backyard fences are usually up to 6 feet, or 1.8m high; if you want it taller, you might need council approval first.


Do you want to completely block people from seeing through your fence? Or are you trying to maintain access to a stunning view? Solid boundary walls will be best for those wanting privacy or acoustic fencing, whilst glass or wire fencing might be preferable for those with stunning natural surroundings.

Whichever way you choose to go with your fence, make sure that you opt for longevity. A fence is a considerable time and money investment, so it’s best to go with an option that will last.


Boundary fencing ideas

Boundary fence options for your home - fence around pool

Premium VogueWall boundary fence in Perth, Western Australia


Boundary fences are one of the most overlooked details of a backyard, yet they have the ability to frame your home and give your backyard an instant face lift. Here are some options to consider:

Timber fences

Timber is one of the most affordable fencing potions on the market. In fact, prefabricated fence panels will cost you even less, because there is a lower labour investment involved. However, they aren’t the most durable material, and are highly susceptible to termites and rot – not to mention, they are unsuitable in bushfire zones. With these limitations in mind, many homeowners are looking for a more ‘Aussie-proof’ option.

Metal fencing

Metal fencing is another cost-effective fencing solution. Adequate for simple boundary fences, it is a popular choice for those in termite-prone areas or bushfire zones. However, as far as modern home designs go, their aesthetics are definitely not the strongest and offer no acoustic protection or privacy. Metal fences are also not suitable for coastal homes, as the proximity to marine environments usually result in rapid corrosion.

Brick walls

Considered the premium fencing option, brick walls offer a high-end appearance, heightened security and excellent noise reduction (avg 40db reduction). Due to all these benefits, they are also quite expensive; especially if you’re after a rendered finish. Environmentally speaking, they are incredibly durable, with only a few weak points; for flood prone or cyclonic wind regions, specialised footings and drainage designs can drive the price tag up even more. Additionally, over time, ground movement will cause eventual cracking and crumbling of the structure, which can be costly to repair.

Modular walls and fencing systems

This fencing type has slowly revolutionised Australian backyards since its invention in 2003. Designed to mirror the premium aesthetics of rendered brick, modular wall and fencing systems are up to half the price of traditional rendered masonry. Combining the post and panel construction of timber or metal fencing, they are incredibly easy to install and take only a quarter of the install time of rendered brick. They are closer to brick in terms of acoustic capabilities, delivering around 20-25dB noise reduction, and they can be customised to include integrated retaining, lighting, slats or infills, letterboxes and more.


DIY fencing or professional fencing installation?

The DIY revolution is still going strong, with homeowners taking matters into their own hands when it comes to home improvement projects. But is fencing a project that can be DIYed?

The answer depends on the fence design you choose. Many of these options, like timber, metal and modular fencing are very DIY friendly. Brick, on the other hand, is a very precise and detailed job, requiring specialist trades; this is best left up to professionals.


Modern fencing inspiration

If you’re after more information, check out ModularWalls’ blog where they have an extensive library of inspiration and informative resources, including their complete guide to fencing projects, fencing cost comparisons and a guide to fencing disputes with your neighbour.


Looking to add a vertical garden to your fence?

Green wall on bamboo fence - artificial vertical garden panel

Check out our range of lifelike vertical gardens that can be installed on to any surface. Our range of UV resistant green walls are the perfect addition to your space, and will withstand Australian weather conditions. Unlike others out there, our panels are backed by a 5 year face and crack guarantee, so you know you are getting high quality each and every time.

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