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UV treated artificial plants

Your guide to UV treated artificial plants

In this guide we will take a look at the options you have for UV treated artificial plants, exploring the different types of UV artificial plants out there plus how to add UV protection spray for artificial plants not covered, to ensure your greenery is safe from the sun!

UV treated artificial plants

UV treated artificial plants

Artificial plants have developed over time. These days you can purchase realistic fake plants that are like real alternatives. New trends like the demand to have your plants protected from the sun have led to new UV artificial plants ranges popping up. But don’t be fooled, there are some key differences when it comes to choosing your UV resistant outdoor plants.

Types of UV resistant outdoor plants

Looking to purchase outdoors plants? Be aware of the different options.

1. UV protection made within the foliage

This is the best form of sun safe protection for your fake plants. It means that the UV protection was inserted and blended within the materials of your green wall or greenery. As such, it has a stronger chance to handle the sun, preventing fading and cracking from occurring.

It’s difficult to spot if your UV treated artificial plants use this technology. Ask the seller if their plants are sprayed with UV protection or whether they do this in production within the individual layers of the plant. If the hedge or artificial green item sounds too good to be true or is cheaper than other UV resistant outdoor plants in the market, you may want to think twice about purchasing from that seller. It may be best to also ask for proof of the protection, with independent UV protection tests to support the longevity argument.

At Designer Plants, our UV resistant range of green walls and plants are shown in the product names or in the UV resistant category. We use this ‘in foliage’ method of UV protection for artificial plants because we know it’s the best way you can stop your plant from changing colour, due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and temperatures.

You’ll also have confidence in your UV artificial plants protection, as we back this range with our no fade and crack 5 year guarantee. That said, we know our green plants and walls last longer than this, as demonstrated by our own director’s green wall that has stayed green for more than 9 years!

UV treated artificial plants and green wall

2. UV protection spray for plants

Another way in which artificial plant sellers can say their plants are UV treated artificial plants is by using a sealant or UV protection spray. This means the protection layer is applied on the outside of the leaf, not inside the materials.

A UV protection spray can provide temporary protection to your plants. The spray will need to be applied every 6 months or on a need by need basis.

There are several UV protection sprays on the market. We recommend using non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials when it comes to selecting a UV protection spray for plants.

3. Non UV treated artificial plants

Surprisingly there are outdoor artificial plants sold by other fake plant sellers that claim to be UV protected but when tested, may not actually deliver the benefit.

There are also outdoor artificial plants that you can purchase who claim that there is no UV protection. However, it’s worth looking into some form of UV protection – especially if you want your green wall or fake plant to remain green.

INFOGRAPHIC: 3 types of outdoor artificial plants

UV protection 3 types of outdoor plants

How to prolong the life of your green fake plants?

You purchased your greenery because you imagined it would remain green. However, without sun safe protection for your plants, the colours of the leaves are likely to fade, crack or change colour.

In Australia, our climate conditions can be quite hot – our weather patterns may change rapidly. For this reason, it’s definitely worth considering adding UV treated artificial plants to your space or finding a good UV protection spray.

There’s also a chance your plants may need some love. For indoor plants or those which collect any dust check out our how to clean your fake plants tips here.

Can you use UV protection spray on indoor plants?

Yes, you can use UV protection spray for indoor plants. This would be recommended if your inside plants are near a window or get sunlight. When applying UV protection spray be sure to read the instructions carefully. You may need to take your plant outside to apply the spray. Also, be sure to clean any utensils or tools you use to protect the indoor plant.

Benefits of UV treated artificial plants

We hope it’s clear why UV treated artificial plants are a worthwhile investment. Here is a list of some of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Plants stay green all year round.
  • No yellowing of leaves or greenery.
  • Prevents your fake plants from fading.
  • Stops your artificial plants from cracking due to heat.
  • Some UV protection may help to minimise dust.

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