Green Wall

Green Wall – beautiful green feature wall

Outdoor Green Wall Before PhotoGreen Wall - Outdoor green feature wall

Images speak a thousand words. See the beauty of a green wall on this fence by moving the arrows back and forth.

Featured is our Jasmine green feature wall. An absolute stunner!

You can easily create an indoor or outdoor green wall for your space. At Designer Plants, we make high-quality hedges and greenery that looks like living green walls, without the need to trim, water or maintain them. Finally, you can enjoy forever green walls!

Decorate your space with a green feature wall

100% Life-Like feature wall

Save time and money with Zero Maintenance

Easy to install

See how others transformed their space

The perfect green wall for your space

Easy to install

No complex equipment required

UV Resistant

Protection inside the leaf. Backed by our 5 year guarantee

Snap & Lock System

Panels designed to connect as a grid system

Durable & reusable

100% recyclable materials made to last

No maintenance

No need to prune or trim ever.

No watering

No need to get the watering can or hose out again

Mould resistant

Earth & Human friendly

No toxic chemicals. 100% recyclable materials.

Customise to your needs

Cut to shape to match your unique space

5 stars all round

“I have been renovating my dream home and in a design dilemma, it became obvious I needed a total green wall solution. I have floor to ceiling glass windows that look out to a brick boundary wall from the study and bathroom. A beautiful green wall would cover the brick and add the ‘wow’ effect. Obviously, it would take years to grow a natural green ivy wall and require a lot of work and maintenance. After thorough research, I decided to install Designer Plants Artificial Boston Ivy wall. I cannot believe how spectacular the wall looks and how real it appears to be. My houseguests are blown away as well, no one believes me when I said it is artificial. Truly stunning!”

– Deborah Hutton

How to create a green wall or roof?

With a luscious looking green wall feature, you can decorate your roof or wall with plants you never thought were possible.

Adding a new feature could transform your space or uplift it, allowing you to send a positive message or add extra flair to your home or business.

To create your green roof or wall, think about the space you want to change. It could be a dull spot in the home, an ugly looking fence or a place you want to make private.

Once you’ve decided on your space, explore our green walls here. Then learn how to install your green goods with our how-to guide and videos.

When your green wall arrives, you’ll be able to install it easily without fuss. But if you get stuck, rest assured we’re here to help you with your purchase.

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