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UV Resistant Artificial Hedges & Green Wall Guarantee

Let the Sun Shine!

UV Resistant Artificial Hedges, Vertical Gardens and Green walls by Designer Plants are made for the Australian sun.

Unlike our competitors, we have UV Resistant hedges that are designed to keep your plant for living longer and full of colour. Our UV hedge and green wall range is backed by our 5 year fade and crack guarantee. We insert high quality UV protection into our plastics used for hedges, green walls and vertical gardens.

Best of all the UV protection we use is home safe, so you can have extra comfort knowing you’ve made the right choice for you or your family.

Artificial Green Walls and Hedges
Artificial Green Wall and Hedge 5 Year Guarantee

Applicable to our UV Resistant range.

We back our quality claims with real-life tests, and lab tests. Have a look at the independent reports we have done to ensure that we deliver the highest quality artificial green walls and artificial hedges that will last in the sun.

Why artificial hedges?

Easy to install

No complex machinery or equipment needed.

Durable and reusable

100% recyclable materials made to last and withstand Aussie weather.

Unique snap & lock system

Panels designed to connect with grid system.

UV Protected

Protection inside leaf for ultimate coverage. Backed by 5 year guarantee.

Low maintenance

No need to trim, prune or collect falling leaves.

No watering

Let nature control your greenery all year round.

Earth + Human friendly

No toxic chemicals or heavy metals. 100% safe.

Customise and design

Cut to a shape you desire or need – super easy and quick to install to fit your wall.

Our artificial hedge UV protection is proven to last

Seeing is believing! The first hedge is our Designer Plants UV protected range with built-in UV protection. The next image is a cheap artificial hedge that was purchased from a competitor of ours. Whilst at the time of purchase the panels may look similar they are vastly different in performance.

As you can see after 18 months, our hedge has continued to stay green and full of colour, compared to the other hedge which has been damaged from UV rays and started to fade and crack. Don’t risk being taken for a ride by others who promise cheaper products as they will just fall apart.

Get it right the first time with Designer Plants.

UV Protection seal

Artificial Hedge and Vertical Garden UV Performance

A lot of people make claims, but don’t have any evidence to back them up. 

How can we claim that our UV Resistant artificial hedges and vertical gardens will last? Simple, we have tested them in a real-life situation. No fancy claims based on hypothetical situations.

Unlike many others we don’t seek out the cheapest factories or cheapest products. Imagine spending $1000 on your next green wall and have it fall apart just to save $100 from a cheaper competitor – the upset, cost of labor and stress isn’t worth it. 

The smart decision is to invest in quality panels from day one, and not have to worry about them moving forward. Choose Designer Plants for quality each and every time.


Case studies of Designer Plants:

Boxwood Hedge Bayside

Case study 1:

Property Location: Beach front, Melbourne.

Situation: Roof top terrace facing the beach.

Hedge: Boxwood Hedge Mat.

Performance: 6 years ago the boxwood hedge was installed onto a roof garden. The hedge receives full sun all day: one side during the morning, and the other side during the afternoon. What does it look like now? The hedge has, admittedly lost some shine and gloss but when you’re on the roof top terrace looking towards your green wall it is still green – not blue like a number of other supplier’s hedges.

UV treated artificial plants and green wall

Case study 2:

Property Location: Front fence in full sun, Victoria.

Situation: Along a front fence, in partial sun during the morning, and full sun during the day.

Hedge: Photinia Hedge Panel.

Performance: 9 years ago (the first delivery) the Photinia Panels were installed (by the founders of the business) on their front fence. They are still there, and people still comment about how real they look, how vivid the colours are, and how the hedge is kept in such great condition.

Artificial Ivy Hedge Screen Installed Near A Pool

Case study 3:

Property Location: Perth

Situation: Around a pool in Perth.

Hedge: Instant Ivy Panels.

Performance: 4 years ago the Ivy panels were supplied to a customer in Perth to decorate their wall around their pool area. The area is not enclosed, has no shade and receives full sun most of the day. So how does the ivy look now, well, according to the customer they love it as much as the day they purchased it, and apart from the shine and brightness of the ivy slightly decreasing the colours are still green.


Most frequent questions and answers

We’ve tested our products for many years and ensured their quality lives up to the promises we make. We have spent a lot of time and money on research and quality improvements to make your hedges stay beautiful for longer.

Our returns policy allows for exchange or refund of purchase for up to 14 days, except when it is due to change of mind, or is a result of purchasers error.

We recommend that in an average condition (based on what our clients do), you could get eight years out of your fake hedging or green wall (this would be allowing partial sun per day).

Beari in mind though, they have been in a lot of sun in Victoria for over 9 years and still look great. Having said that, we need to be honest and say that harsh conditions in the middle of NT or WA are going to age your hedge a lot quicker, so the actual-life span of the hedge will vary.

Rest assured, we are making sure that the best available UV stabilisers are used and as technology develops we will improve the product too.

The guarantee only applies to the UV hedges, green walls and vertical gardens.

These rights of return do not limit your rights from the Australian Consumer Law.

In the unlikely event your hedge or green wall unreasonably faded, we would ask for photos to confirm this. From there we would organise replacement foliage for the sections or impacted foliage.

For example, if you have a 10m long fence and only 3 plants in the green wall have faded we would replace the 3 plants (not the panels or the entire section). Alternatively, if the top strip of say 3cm has faded we would send you the equivalent replacement. Sometimes we notice in windy areas e.g. a particular flower may fall off – we will replace that particular flower for you without any costs to you.

As all artificial plants, i.e. (bamboo, palms, succulents) are made of various materials we cannot offer the same guarantee – for example some people want a UV real touch bamboo and using real touch material you won’t get the same life span as the plastics used in the green walls or hedges.

As a rough guide, artificial plants made of plastic will last three years or more, and artificial plants made of silk between one to three years. However, using the UV spray we offer would significantly increase the life-span of your plants

Plant stems used in our green walls would be subject to a 3 year guarantee.

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