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In this handy guide on using artificial flower walls & green wall event stands we will show you just how easy it is to join artificial flower wall panels together. Once joined you can also learn how to attach your flower walls to a green wall stand for your next event (or space).

Quick and Easy Steps to Join Your Artificial Flower Wall Panels Together

Step 1: Lay your flower wall panels down on the ground / a flat surface.

Step 2: Align the flower wall clip and hole together and push the lug through the hole. Ensure you connect each artificial flower wall lug.

Step 3: In order to ensure your faux flower wall panels remain firmly connected you can add cable ties every 25cm to join the panels together.

Step 4: If required, you can then cut any excess flower wall panel off using scissors.

Step 5: Your flower wall panels are now joined – repeat the prior steps to create a larger flower wall.

Play Video about flower wall install step 2

Individual Steps to join your flower wall panel together

flower wall install step 1

step 1

flower wall install step 2

step 2

flower wall install step 3

step 3

flower wall install step 4

step 4

See how to Attach Flower Walls to an Event Stand

Learn how to quickly & easily attach your artificial flower wall panels to an event stand in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Join your artificial flower wall panels together by clipping and cable tying them.

Step 2: Start at the top corner of the event stand and cable tie the flower wall panels to the event stand. Connect the panels at 25cm intervals.

Hint: If you are unable to reach the top of the stand you can place it down on the ground.

Step 3: Once you have cable tied the flower walls onto the screen / event stand proceed to cut the end of the cable ties off.

Step 4: Your flower wall now just needs you (or others) to enjoy it.

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