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How to unfold your fake plant?

Congratulations on your fake plant purchase.

If you are wondering how to unfold your fake plant after it’s arrived in its package, this post is for you.

We’ve also got some extra handy tips on how to take care of your fake greenery here that applies to plants (not just the green walls).

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4 steps to unfold your fake plant

Unfold your fake plant: Step 1 remove plastic packaging from your fake plant

First step

Open up your delivery and remove any plastic packaging from the plant.

Step 2 Unfold your fake plant - unfold the branches from the bottom first

Second step

Start from the bottom and begin to carefully unfold the branches first.

Unfold your fake plants - step three continue to unfold to your needs

Third step

Continue to unfold and adjust the leaves where necessary.

Unfold your fake plant and enjoy the finished installation

Fourth step

Shape and unfold your fake plant based on your space or preferences.

Designer Plants

Frequently asked questions about fake plants

Often indoor plants look great outside in your yard, or balcony, however, being exposed to the weather may shorten their life-span. We would recommend applying regularly a UV Protection spray to prolong the life of your plant.

You sure can! Some pots will come with a standard plastic pot, however, we’d often recommend that you place them inside a planter or decorative pot and top with pebbles, straw or bark to give it a total real appearance.

Whilst this is a personal design choice, often the best impact is made when you use multiple plants at different heights to create a statement piece.

Whilst fake plants often vary when it comes to the material they are made of, the best way to clean them is with a microfiber cloth, or a damp sponge and cloth to dry. Simply wipe the leaves down and make sure you dry them and don’t use a cloth dripping with water.

Very rarely do we hear of spiders or insects becoming a problem with artificial plants unless they are covered with soil or left in a consistently moist position.

Designer Plants

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