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UV Resistant Outdoor Artificial Plants

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Made for the Australian Climate and Conditions

The climate in Australia can be very harsh, making life difficult for you in the garden. The amount of UV we get is higher than in many other parts of the world, however, to accommodate this, we created our UV artificial plants. You can keep them outside or in the spots of your home that get the most sunlight, they’re built to withstand the rays! Without UV protection, artificial plants will fade and crack. The UV protection built in to our plants will keep your garden looking lush and green for years to come. 

Artificial Plants for the Outdoors

We’re often asked ‘can artificial plants be left outside?’ The answer is yes (if you choose the right ones). You aren’t limited to keeping these lush pieces inside. Artificial outdoor plants are a great addition to balconies, decks and vertical walls. 

Maintain Your UV Artificial Plants For Years To Come

If you want to extend the life of your beautiful artificial plants even further, you can maintain their UV protection with our spray. It’s perfect for plants that are out in the garden or full sun spots in your home. You can simply top up their coating by misting them all over and leaving them to dry. Aside from that, they’re very low maintenance. To keep your plants looking their best just give them a occasional dust or wipe down to maintain their lifelike look and feel. Enjoy your plants for years to come, even in the harshest of conditions.

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