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Realistic & Instant Commerical Grade Artificial Greenery

Designer Plants is the leading force in Australia when it comes to commercial-grade faux greenery. We’ve pioneered the industry with hyper-realistic green walls, the first recycling program for faux plant walls, and a dedicated team to support commercial and wholesale clients around the world.

Our stylish faux plants perfectly replicate nature and are the optimal solution for projects, whether they be apartment buildings, shopping centres, public spaces or landscaping projects.

Artificial Plants & Green Walls for all Commercial Applications

At Designer Plants we have pioneered the artificial green wall and hedge industry in Australia for the last decade. With a dedicated focus on quality, innovation and product development, we have created leading greenery designs that simply look sensational. Whether you are an architect managing a large-scale commercial construction project, or landscaper doing backyard renovations, you won’t find a more fit-for-purpose provider of artificial greenery than Designer Plants.

Our team has seen large sustained increases in demand for our products in Australia / New Zealand, along with North America, Middle East, Japan, Europe and South Africa. The constant focus on quality improvement, rigorous testing and fair pricing for all our resellers has meant that we are the go-to destination for artificial greenery, both locally and abroad.

Our dedicated wholesale team is ready to serve you, whether you have a specific project ready to work on or are looking to expand your business offering. As a distributor of Designer Plants you will receive unparalleled support, customer service and products that truly exceed expectations.

Reduce Ongoing Maintenance Costs | Reduce Installation Time | Ensure A Constant ‘Green Outlook’

Over 25,000 spaces transformed across Australia

Artificial Vertical Gardens &
Plants Made to Replicate Nature

Designer Plants has been sought out by hotel chains, airports, and designers around the world due to our passion for stunning life-like greenery.

Talk to us about your space today and our dedicated design experts will be happy to help.

Construction / Building

Exceptionally well-engineered artificial green walls for usage in public spaces.

Interior Design

Artificial plants that bring any space to life! Evergreen foliage that looks truly realistic.

Events / Tradeshows

Stunning artificial hedges that are super easy to move and set up at events and shows.


Faux greenery that acts as the perfect statement piece in any retail shop design.

Offices / Workspaces

Create a relaxing and productive space with superbly realistic green walls.


Bring any signage to live with evergreen foliage that acts as the perfect background.


Beautify any outdoor space with vertical gardens that are easy to shape and install.

Bespoke Projects

Amazing artificial trees for large scale and custom projects around the world.


Easy to install and super-quick solutions to enhance any space at home.

Our Commercial Gallery

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