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Sprucing up Colorbond fencing colours

6 ways to spruce up Colorbond® fence colours

For solid fencing, privacy and protection, there’s a lot to like about Colorbond®  steel fencing! It’s easy to maintain, durable and can withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions. It contains recycled materials, and the paint used for its top coat is lead-free.

It also comes in lovely, nature-inspired hues. Colorbond® fence colours range from sandy tones such as Paperbark or Riversand to the rich green of Eucalyptus and darker, perhaps more contemporary tones such as IronStone or Shale Grey.

Practical doesn’t have to look bare, though. A fence can set the tone for the entire outdoor space – and, more often than not, it’s a fence that we see when we look out our windows.

So why not make that view sparkle and shine and give yourself an outlook to a green oasis?  Spruce up your Colorbond®  steel fencing and complement its colour with a lush artificial hedge, a green panel and selected plants.

Read on if you’d like to learn more about artificial hedging and plants and see how some of our clients took their fence from functional to fabulous.

The advantages of using artificial border hedging and plants

Let’s take a step back and look at the benefits of choosing artificial shrubbery to add to your Colorbond® fence panels.

Here are our top six advantages, in no particular order:

  1. An artificial hedge always looks green. It also comes in the correct size. You won’t need to wait years for your plants to grow into a full-fledged hedge!
  2. If you think your Colorbond® steel fencing is low maintenance, you’ll love artificial shrubs. You’ll never have to worry about whether they get enough sun now the fence is up. You won’t have to water and prune them, keep the soil in top shape or rake autumn leaves.
  3. Much like a Colorbond® fence, our faux plants are made for the Australian climate. They are UV treated and will retain their colours for many years.
  4. You won’t be able to tell the difference between high-quality artificial greenery and its real counterpart. At Designer Plants®, we’re quite picky about the designs that make it onto our shelves! All plants are carefully selected for their life-like look and feel and materials.
  5. You’re doing good for the environment. Our green walls and plants – even some of our snazzy pots – are made from recycled materials. And because they are long-lasting, you won’t need to invest in a replacement hedge for years.
  6. They are lightweight! Your Colorbond® fence won’t suffer under the heavy weight of a rambling wisteria or ivy, for example. And if you ever feel like mixing up the look of your garden, you can easily shuffle things around. No digging required!

Six transformations

At Designer Plants®, we consider ourselves lucky. What we do and the products and services we offer can make a real difference to how people feel about a space and how they use it.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth nor be challenging to create a bit of wow in your garden.

Read on to check out the difference added greenery can make to your Colorbond® steel fencing.

Transformation #1: The Poolside Oasis


Here, the client has chosen Colorbond® steel fencing for the fence line and glass panels at the entrance to the pool to allow for uninterrupted views from the patio area.

The steel fencing is sandy coloured, which is an excellent match to the existing paving.


Rather than adding a Designer Plants® green wall to the entire fence, the client opted to cover just one wall alongside the pool.

Running the panels along the pool and into the covered patio area creates a connection between the two distinct spaces and makes this backyard look longer than it actually is. It also softens the boundary lines as the artificial hedge ties in nicely with the neighbour’s trees.

The glass panels again help this uninterrupted view.

Transformation #2: Another Poolside Oasis


This pool was built pretty much flush to the property’s boundary fence on one side. It allowed the client to maximise the space along the other three sides to add seats and loungers and tuck pool equipment out of the way.

The client chose Colorbond® fence panels in a similar shade to the pavers, thus creating a unified look.


We know, it’s the second time we’re sharing a poolside transformation with you, but they tend to be the most exciting ones!

We love this client’s decision to break up the artificial green wall panelling with light-coloured brick columns. They add an extra layer of texture and interest to this lush green transformation and match up nicely with the colour of the visible Colorbond® fence panels.

The placement of the green wall panels was well chosen. They are on the wall you will most look out onto from the seating areas, providing a calming view to enjoy the pool area even if no one’s taking a dip in the water.

And did you notice the lovely potted palm by the lounge? All we need now is a cocktail and a good book – the perfect way to while away the weekend!

Transformation #3: The Balcony Makeover


It’s perhaps not the most scenic view, but this balcony offers a sunny, sheltered, private space.


We knew it all along – small spaces can pack a punch! These artificial garden panels are the ideal addition here. The colouring perfectly complements the Colorbond® panelling;  the variety of plants adds texture and extra interest. Not only do they look good, but they are also real space savers.

Garden panels such as these are always a great choice, especially where space is at a premium – too small or narrow to add pot plants.

Check out the range of green wall panels. – add holiday vibes with the Hawaiian Sunrise or the Wild Tropics Vertical Garden.

Transformation #4: From bland to grand


This was a blank canvas to work with.

The client had created an extensive covered outdoor area with a large wooden deck framed by Colorbond® steel fencing.

Here, the sandy colour of the fencing didn’t quite tie in with the new timber and the brick walls but was a practical solution to create a private space.


Covering most of the fencing in lush greenery has completely changed the look and feel of this space.

The eye is immediately drawn to the green wall. The area no longer feels cavernous, but the colouring of the artificial wall and the timber decking make this a warm and inviting space.

Transformation #5: Hiding the garden shed


This is easy care taken to the next level!

All tools are neatly tucked away in this grey Colorbond® shed.

What a tidy, zero-maintenance backyard with some beautiful fencing choices.


To soften the look of the shed and camouflage it slightly into its surround, the client chose to add lush green artificial garden panels to its side.

Rather than blending in with the grey colour of the shed, the green complements the natural tones of the fencing and ties in with the lawn.

That now makes for an inviting bench seat along a shed almost completely hidden in its corner, nicely blending in with its surroundings.

Transformation #6: Sprucing up Colorbond fencing colours

Transformation #6 Sprucing up Colorbond fencing colours

We don’t have a before and after for this project. But we feel the photo says it all.

This outdoor area could have quite easily looked dark and claustrophobic. Instead, with a few simple and cost-effective touches, our client has created an inviting private oasis.

The Colorbond® fence frames the entire area and provides clean lines. The lighting is clever, and there is a range of cozy seating and gathering options.

And rather than cover up an entire, good-looking fence, the client has opted to spruce it up and complement it with a row of stunning artificial hanging baskets and vines.

And how is this for a transformation?



Final thoughts

In many ways, our artificial greenery and Colorbond steel fencing address two signs of our times:

  • we tend to live closer to one another, our private spaces are decreasing;
  • and we’ve become time-poorer, always slightly running after things instead of ahead of them.

So creating a cozy corner to retreat to that doesn’t need a lot of work holds appeal for many.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas and inspiration on how to take your Colorbond fencing and complement its natural, earthy colours with the lush green of our artificial hedges and vertical gardens.

Contact us if you’d like to know how we can add good green vibes to your space!

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