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Portable / Pre-Built Artificial Hedges

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Realistic Artificial Hedges & Portable Faux Hedges with Planters

Spruce up your outdoor space, create privacy, or add a greenery touch using artificial hedge walls.

Are you tired of your neighbours or pedestrians peeping into your garden? Do you feel that your little paradise should be more private? The best way to deal with these issues is to install a fence on your property. Why not use fake hedges from Designer Plants Australia to cover the area?

Whether you want a pre-built artificial hedge wall or a portable one with artificial Laurel, Elm, Jasmin, or Buxus plant, we have you covered. We even have portable artificial boxwood hedges with planters, so you can choose from our various options that suit your home or office. Made with premium-quality materials, our fake hedge walls ensure superior durability.

With our stunning range of realistic artificial hedges walls, you can conceal unsightly fences, form boundaries, or improve privacy. You can also create stunning pool area feature walls and transform a drab office space into something beautiful and distinctive. Alternatively, you can create a perfect border hedge using one of our artificial topiary hedges along a garden bed or inside a planter.

Maintenance Free Outdoor Artificial Hedges

Unlike living plants that wither with the season, improper care, or damage by pets, our 100% polyethylene-made artificial hedges will not wither or get damaged and are best suited for indoor or outdoor use.

With UV-resistant materials added to its production, this artificial hedge or foliage lasts many years with minimum maintenance, unaffected by strong wind, lack of water, or exposure to extreme weather.

Use Fake Hedge Walls for Various Applications

This faux hedge, including artificial hedge walls or fences, can be designed per our requirements and used for various functions and purposes in different areas.

Artificial hedge walls in commercial areas

Artificial green walls in the form of vertical gardens or a combination of different hedge mats work excellently in offices, shopping malls, retail outlets, restaurants, bars, celebration events, or business exhibitions. They are best used to create partitions for various departments in commercial areas.

Artificial hedges in residential areas

Artificial hedges in the form of fences are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

These faux hedges will never disappoint you, whether used as decoration on the wall or roof to beautify the space or create a private barrier in the courtyard. It will help you feel refreshed by nature-like greenery without leaving home.

Artificial hedges in other areas

Artificial hedges are a great way to add brightness to dimly lit or hard-to-reach areas. Whether you have limited sunlight or access to water for living plants – an artificial hedge can be the perfect solution for creating energy and life in your space.

Why Buy Artificial Privacy Hedges From Designer Plants

Designer Plants is an Australian-owned online business that provides the highest quality artificial hedges and wall panels.

Some of the additional features of our fake hedges

  • Easy-to-Install
  • Recyclable
  • Made from UV-Safe Materials
  • Botanically accurate artificial plants
  • Earth & Family Safe Products
  • Fast shipping Across Australia
  • 100% secure online shopping experience

✔️ Fast Delivery ✔️Highly Realistic ✔️Truly beautiful & Instant Results


Most frequent questions and answers

Some of our artificial vines are UV-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use. They withstand the elements while maintaining their vibrant appearance.

While occasional dusting might be needed, our fake vines require virtually no maintenance compared to real plants.

To remove dust, simply use a damp cloth or a gentle water spray. For more extensive cleaning, you can use our artificial plant cleaner with a microfiber cloth.

Yes, our plastic vines are designed to be easily customisable. You can trim them to the desired length without compromising the quality.

Our fake vines are made from non-toxic materials, ensuring they are safe for pets and children.

Yes, we do! Explore our collection of artificial trees to create a cohesive and lush atmosphere in your space. From palm trees to fiddle leaf figs, our artificial trees complement our vines seamlessly.

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