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Artificial Hedge Panels: Things This BEAUTIFUL Aren’t Supposed To Be This EASY

Made by the world’s second largest
plant designer…humans.

Fake hedge compared to natural hedges:

● Easy installation
● Zero maintenance
● Never withers or dies
● Stays fresh 12 months a year
● Specially treated to withstand severe weather
● Designed specifically to fit walls and fences
● No weeds, soil, or dirt
● Hassle-free

Artificial hedges are perfect for disguising fences and adding more privacy to your outdoor garden
Social COVID-19 isolation barriers instant green hedges for restaurants and public spaces

Use hedge panels to enhance:

● Chain-link or wooden fences
● Brick or stone walls
● Dividers or partitions
● Unattractive sights like air conditioners and vents
● Any other flat surface – horizontal or vertical

Use hedges in all sorts of places:

● Back or front yard
● Porch
● Patio
● Deck
● Balcony
● Gazebo
● Car parks
● Or even inside, it’s the new retail and office fit out trend.

“Life-like, just way longer lasting”

Hedge and grass coverings for your walls and fences are a low-cost, easy and effective way to protect your privacy and improve your yard, patio, balcony, gazebo, porch or even your car-park. They’re great for disguising ugly concrete walls and unsightly fences; our artificial boxwood hedges (amongst other designs) turn functional outdoor surfaces into beautiful ones.

Designer Plants artificial hedges have all the advantages of natural hedges, without the hassle. Unlike brush fencing and bamboo panels, you get the same lush green look, the same natural movement and the same gorgeous texture, without all the maintenance. There are so many different designs to choose from, so you can get a finished look that works well with the rest of your yard.

Instead of being a slave to your hedges, you’ll be in total control, never forced to rely on Mother Nature. Say goodbye to landscaping expenses and endless maintenance. No more weeds, shriveling, or dying. Our artificial hedge panels are made of high quality materials and are fully weatherproof, so they stay looking great season after season.

When every other hedge on your block withers, yours will thrive.

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