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Designer Plant Pots

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Perfect For Artificial and Real Plants

Our diverse range of pots and planters can be used in a number of ways. Whether you opt to mix in a bundle of stems for a rustic country style look or use them for our smaller plants or flowers, they’ll look stunning no matter what. Whether you opt for colourful options to make a bold statement or pick something with a more subtle and modern look, our plant pots and trough planters range has something to suit everyone’s taste.

Unique and Durable Materials

Many of our pots and planters are made from recycled materials, ranging from abandoned plastics to concrete meaning they have a long second life and reduce waste all in one. They’re designed to last, meaning you’ll have the perfect spot to keep your plants displayed for years to come.

Multi-Purpose Options

We have a number of ranges of plant pots and planters for you to explore and the ways you use them are limited only by your creativity. You could opt for bottomless planters to keep your hedges contained and looking tidy, or go for something extra luxurious with our designer bowls range that come in both standard and hanging options. The trough planters are perfect for balconies or walkways, giving you room to plant whatever suits your garden’s aesthetic the best.

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