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Beautify your space today with stunning & instant artificial hedges

Residential Artificial Hedges

Artificial vertical gardens & artificial hedges are a simple and easy to way to beautify any space into something you truly enjoy looking at everyday of the year. Not only are our artificial hedges & vertical gardens truly beautiful but they have many other benefits:

Our high quality residential artificial hedges come with a 5 year guarantee against fading and cracking and are made from recyclable materials.

You’ll never need to worry about hiring a gardener again. Plus no need to set the calendar to remind yourself to water plants. No matter if you’re a green thumb or not, our hedges will last and will not grow beyond the time they arrive to your doorstep.

Artificial hedges panels are easy to install and can be used in a variety of ways; both indoors & outdoors.

For some residential artificial hedges inspiration, see below.

Hint: Click on the image to learn more about the product and project details.

Benefits of Artificial green walls from designer plants

Easy to install

No complex machinery or equipment needed.

Durable and reusable

100% recyclable materials made to last and withstand Aussie weather.

Unique snap & lock system

Panels designed to connect with grid system.

UV Protected

Protection inside leaf for ultimate coverage. Backed by 5 year guarantee.

Low maintenance

No need to trim, prune or collect falling leaves.

No watering

Let nature control your greenery all year round.

Earth + Human friendly

No toxic chemicals or heavy metals. 100% safe.

Customise and design

Cut to a shape you desire or need – super easy and quick to install to fit your wall.

Convert Your Space Today with artifiical green walls

Purchase your 100% recyclable green wall today

High quality artificial green walls with fake plants
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