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Luxury UV Resistant Green Walls & Hedge Tiles

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Beautiful Artificial Vertical Gardens with Durable Green Walls, Screens, and Panels

We have an extensive range of natural-looking artificial UV vertical gardens to soothe the soul and bring cheer and serenity to our everyday lives. Whether you simply want more greenery or just want to create more privacy, we have everything you need. Enjoy the benefits of UV Vertical Gardens. They look beautiful, are easy to maintain and are made to last. 

UV Resistant Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Vertical Gardens

Whether you want to create a small domestic garden or need large green walls to beautify your commercial property, we have a stunning collection of artificial vertical gardens to choose from. Our UV-resistant green walls and panels are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. They are made from the finest quality materials, and they last for years without any special maintenance care.

Perfect for Homes and Apartments

Regardless of what kind of place you call home, adding a touch of greenery can give it that little something extra. You can affix them onto just about any flat, vertical surface you have. Our artificial wall plants are the perfect addition to your balcony, living room or deck area. They’re simple to install on your own, meaning you can transform a bare wall into something beautiful in just a few minutes.

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