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Small Modern Garden Ideas

Small Modern Garden Ideas

When it comes to contemporary living, smaller living spaces tends to be the norm rather than the exception. While small space living has its pros and cons, we’re here to tell you that having a beautiful garden isn’t something you’ll have to compromise on!

From the intimate charm of modern courtyard gardens to the sky-high sanctuaries of chic balcony gardens, we’re about to share 8 brilliant small modern garden ideas to inspire your small space living.

Keep reading to discover tips, tricks, and creative solutions to help your dream garden come to life…no matter how small your space may be. 

Charming courtyards: Small modern garden ideas for courtyards

Small modern garden ideas for courtyards

Courtyards offer a unique space for you to create your very own small garden. Often quite intimate and enclosed, courtyards provide an opportunity to create an urban oasis, a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

When it comes to small modern garden ideas for courtyards, it’s all about maximising every square inch and making sure to embrace the possibilities of the vertical space. You should also opt for a variety of plants of different heights and sizes to add a bit of depth and texture to your courtyard garden. Here are a few small courtyard garden ideas.

1. Artificial hedge walls

Hedge walls and vertical garden panels are an excellent option when you don’t have a lot of floor space to work with. They add a lush green backdrop to your courtyard and also add a little bit more of privacy to the space. 

2. Artificial vines

Blending a few varieties of artificial vines can soften the space and draw the eye upwards, creating the illusion of height in your small courtyard space. They can also be combined to add more volume and visual interest.

3. Small potted plants

Small potted plants can be strategically placed around your courtyard to create a more dynamic look. For a more cohesive look, our potted plants can be easily transferred to pots that perfectly suit whatever theme you’re going for.

4. Flowering plants

Add a dash of colour with our realistic artificial flowering plants. From lavender plants to orchids, we offer a variety of evergreen blooms to choose from. You can even create your own artificial floral arrangements using a variety of flower stems.

5. Versatile furniture

Turn your courtyard garden into the best hanging out spot in your home by adding versatile furniture that provides plenty of seating without taking up a lot of space. Bench seating that can be tucked under a small table or even a lounge set that can double as storage are a couple of furniture options to elevate your courtyard space.

Beautiful balconies: Small gardens in the sky

balcony small garden ideas

A modern balcony garden is a brilliant way to elevate your living space – quite literally! Balconies are often your primary view to the outside world from your indoor spaces, so a lush balcony garden is a wonderful way to soften the view and bring a bit of nature closer to home.

Balconies are often small and/or awkwardly shaped, so it’s important to add a variety of plantings to give guests the illusion of space!

1. Hanging plants

We love when clients use hanging plants in their small gardens, and they are especially effective in balconies because they help block out the often boring ceilings and also soften the angular edges of the space.

2. Artificial green wall panels

Vertical garden panels are the ultimate in space-saving greenification. Our lush artificial greenery panels can be easily customised to the size and shape you desire, and can also be easily moved if ever you’d like to revamp your small modern balcony garden.

3. Artificial green grass

Don’t let apartment living prevent you from living our your big yard dreams! While you won’t have quite the amount of outdoor space as a suburban home, you can still have a small yard thanks to our artificial grass rolls

4. Railing planters

Adding railing planters to your balcony railing softens all the hard edges and adds a luxe look to your balcony when viewed from the outside. It’s a surefire way to make your balcony look good from every angle.

5. Low furniture

Keep up the illusion of an urban oasis by ensuring your furniture doesn’t block the view! Low-back chairs are a wonderful option, as are outdoor floor cushions if you’d like a real zen vibe.

Tropical bliss: Small tropical garden ideas

tropical small garden ideas

Do you dream of having an exotic escape right outside your door? Then these tips are the ones you need to take note of!

Transform your small space into a tropical paradise with exotic plants with bold foliage and vibrant hues, as well as layers of different plantings to further enhance the feeling of a lush green oasis. Here are a few small tropical garden ideas to get you started.

1. Tropical trees and palms

You can’t have a tropical paradise without tropical trees and palms such as birds of paradise, areca palm trees, and bamboo plants. While the real versions of these plants wouldn’t do well in harsh weather, their artificial counterparts will look fresh throughout every season.

2. Lush ferns

If you have limited floor space, hang a few lush ferns to really amp up the tropical vibes of your green haven. They’re a great way to occupy vertical space and add more visual interest to any small space.

3. Artificial green wall panels

We love a vertical garden panel for that truly lush tropical look! Our Luxury Green Tropics and Wild Tropics green wall panels are an especially good fit for a tropical theme, surrounding you with greenery with a tropical resort feel.

4. Natural textures

When it comes to accessories, make sure they’re in keeping with the tropical vibes. Natural textures like jute, wood, and stone can help you add a beautiful layer to your resort-at-home. We have a selection of pots that suit the bill, including our Imitation Stone Grey Pot and White Stone Rectangle Planter.

5. Hang out

A tropical retreat isn’t complete without a hammock! It’s impossible not to be transported to an island getaway when you’re taking a nap in your hammock within your tropical oasis. Hint: Play some rainforest sounds while you’re in the space for ultimate relaxation.

Patio perfection: Small modern garden ideas for patios

perfect patio small garden ideas

The key to elevating your patio garden is the careful curation of different elements that can be layered beautifully without taking up much small space. 

Installing a variety of greenery at every level, adding pops of colour, and utilising smart living and storage solutions are some of the ways you can turn your small patio into a small garden of your dreams! Here are a few patio small garden ideas to inspire you.

1. Small potted plants

There are so many different small potted plants you can bring into your small patio garden without sacrificing precious floor space. Opt for compact plants such as succulents, shrubs, and ornamental grasses for visual interest.

2. Flowering plants

Flowers can do wonders for bringing a space to life. Adding realistic flowering plants such as our artificial Peace Lily, Purple Lilac, and Pink Rose can really add colour to your patio without also attracting insects and pests. A peaceful patio experience? Yes, please!

3. Hanging plants and vines

Make the most of the vertical space in your patio by incorporating hanging plants and vines. These beautifully cascading greenery not only add a sense of depth, but also give your space a relaxed atmosphere.

4. Vertical garden panels

You know we love a green wall in any space, but we must say it looks especially great in a patio space! They’re also a lovely way to cover up boring walls or even utilities that may be a part of your patio space.

5. Green wall discs

Love your patio walls but want to dress it up a bit? Then our stunning green wall discs are a great option. These discs are available in a variety of designs and make for  unique wall art piece that’s bound to spark conversations when guests come over.

Other small modern garden ideas

vertical garden green wall

Vertical elegance: Green walls for small modern gardens

Our artificial vertical garden panels are an incredibly popular choice for small spaces, and for good reason! These non-toxic, durable, and realistic greenery panels are available in a wide range of designs and can even be made-to-order for your own bespoke design. 

Here are a few key advantages of these artificial green walls:

  • You can make it your own! All our vertical garden panels can be easily trimmed to the ideal size and shape of your space.
  • You can move it around easily. These panels can be easily moved around so you can change up the look of your small garden anytime.
  • They’re low-maintenance. There’s no need for watering, trimming, or pest control for this greenery to look fresh and fabulous all year round!

Vine and dandy: Artificial vines are a clever use of vertical space

When you’re dealing with very little floor space, don’t forget to look up! Decorating the vertical space with greenery isn’t just a clever option, it’s also a great way to add depth and layering to your small garden. The soft swaying of artificial vines in a light breeze is a great way to add movement to the space as well.

Here are a few key advantages of artificial vines for small gardens:

  • Vines are incredibly versatile. Artificial vines can be used in a multitude of ways including being hung, draped, or even entwined around furniture.
  • No tricky watering needed! While there’s a whole rigmarole involved in the frequent watering of their realistic counterparts, artificial vines won’t ever need to be taken down and watered.
  • Easy to install – even for beginners. These artificial vines weigh very little and can be easily installed to a space without needing to consider heavy draining pots or potting soil.

Elevate your rental: Small garden ideas for renters

Just because you live in a rental doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your grand decor ideas! (Temporarily) build the rental garden of your dreams by focusing on non-permanent ways to elevate any space and turn it into your very own urban oasis.

  • Keep things portable so they can move with you. Forget planting things into the ground – use artificial plants and install them in pots and containers so you can easily move them with you when you leave your current rental.
  • Hedge your bets with easy to move plants. Artificial portable hedges are a great way to screen your space and as the name suggests, it’s portable so you can bring it with you to wherever you’re headed next.
  • Hook it up! Use hooks and brackets to hang artificial garden panels or hanging vines to fences, railings, and walls. No need for damaging nails and screws here!
  • Mix and match your plants for an authentic look. A garden looks fuller and more lived in when you layer your plants and accessories, so make sure you mix and match different items such as artificial hanging plants, green walls, and potted plants.

hanging garden inspiration

Awesome accessories: Key pieces to elevate your small garden

Transforming your small space into a verdant garden requires more than the perfect choice of plants. You’ll need a few key accessories to complete the look! Here are a few accessories that will make your small modern garden ideas come to life.

  • Pots & planters make a big difference! Choose pots that complement your plant selection while also adding to the overall design aesthetic that you’re going for.
  • Plant markers to label your collection. Plant markers can add a whimsical feel to your small modern garden and also make your plants look a little more realistic.
  • Opt for versatile furniture. Invest in furniture pieces that are versatile and can be used for different themes so you can easily change up the look of your small garden anytime.
  • Consider small water features! While we’d all ideally dwell near a babbling brook, most of us will have to make do with tiny fountains or ponds to enhance the tranquility of our small gardens.
  • Add some ambient lighting. Use string lights, lanterns, and solar-powered light fixtures to add a little bit of ambient lighting to your small modern garden.

Embrace your small modern garden

When it comes to small spaces, every inch is an opportunity for creativity. Whether you’re turning a balcony into a tropical retreat or transforming your courtyard into a relaxing green escape, you can use all the small modern garden ideas we’ve given you to make the process that little bit easier. We hope to see more of these small garden ideas in Australia and beyond!

Need help choosing the best artificial plants and green walls for your small garden? Designer Plants’ team of experts are ready to help! Simply contact us to get started on your journey of transforming your home with low-maintenance, realistic artificial greenery.

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