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Green Wall Discs & Wall Art

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Aesthetically Pleasing Portable Greenery and Discs 

Bring cheer and serenity to your everyday life with our soul-soothing collection of artificial wall plants, greenery and discs. We have the best collection of green wall discs available in different sizes and frames. You can choose one of many beautiful artificial plant walls frame arrangements that compliment the rest of the interior or exterior of your home.

For When You Want The Freedom To Change Your Mind 

With conventional hedges and hanging plant walls, you’ll typically need to keep them where you first put them. Our collection of artificial wall plants and portable greenery allows you to achieve the same look without sacrificing on versatility. Now you can change your garden or wall art up seasonally, move it around to create a new design and take it with you if you move, the options are endless. 

Lightweight, Versatile and Easy to DIY

Our portable greenery and plant discs are simple to install and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re creating a defined garden border with hedges or want to add a splash of foliage to your fence line, you can easily hang new hooks or pick up and rearrange your design to get it just how you like it. Unlike their living counterparts that have heavier soil and need watering, our portable discs are surprisingly lightweight. This allows you to attach them to fences, railings and walls without needing to support them with multiple hooks or hangers too.

Stunning Handmade Green Wall Discs at Affordable Prices

Our green wall discs are made from the finest quality materials that look incredibly realistic. They last for years, maintaining their original look and feel. They’re versatile and resilient enough to live either inside or outdoors and require minimum maintenance. Simple to fix to your wall, artificial plant decor is a beautiful way to add a green touch to your home or garden.
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