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Artificial Ivy Rolls, Garlands & Bushes

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Life-like Artificial Ivy, Fake Ivy bushes, Fake Vines and Artificial Hanging Plants

Instantly create a beautiful hanging plant arrangement with our life-like fake vines, artificial ivy rolls or ready to use faux hanging plants. Every artificial hanging plant, artificial tree and fake vine is made with RealTex materials to ensure they look amazing and suit every space. You won’t find a better range of artificial ivy, fake hanging bushes and artificial vines in Australia.

Beautiful hanging artificial bushes & fake ivy rolls

Our cost-effective artificial ivy rolls and fake vines are perfect for covering large areas or hiding unsightly spaces. Our beautiful, nearly natural artificial hanging vines are perfect for adding to railings, hanging from rafters or beautifying a cafe or office space. Our design team is here to help you with your next project and can assist you in choosing the most suitable hanging plants or artificial bushes.

Top Reasons to Buy Our Fake Vines for Your Space

✅Ease of Installation: Our selection of fake vines is created from easy-to-use plastic mesh backing, allowing for a stress-free installation. Simply use screws or cable ties to attach the fake vines to any surface or structure securely.

✅Cost-Effective Solution: Our fake or artificial vines offer a cost-effective solution to transform your space. Enjoy year-round beauty without worrying about spending money on maintenance, watering and potential replacement costs associated with real plants.

✅Instant Transformation: With our easy-to-install plastic vines, instantly transform and enhance the visual appeal of any space. Watch your space come alive with vibrant greenery in a matter of minutes.

Beautify your spaces with Designer Plants®’s exquisite collection of fake vines. Transform your surroundings today effortlessly with the beauty of nature, minus the maintenance.

✔️ Fast Delivery ✔️Highly Realistic ✔️Wide Range of Ivy & Bushes


Most frequent questions and answers

Some of our artificial vines are UV-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor use. They withstand the elements while maintaining their vibrant appearance.

While occasional dusting might be needed, our fake vines require virtually no maintenance compared to real plants.

To remove dust, simply use a damp cloth or a gentle water spray. For more extensive cleaning, you can use our artificial plant cleaner with a microfiber cloth.

Yes, our plastic vines are designed to be easily customisable. You can trim them to the desired length without compromising the quality.

Our fake vines are made from non-toxic materials, ensuring they are safe for pets and children.

Yes, we do! Explore our collection of artificial trees to create a cohesive and lush atmosphere in your space. From palm trees to fiddle leaf figs, our artificial trees complement our vines seamlessly.

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