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Plants for your poolside: Poolside plants

The sun’s out, and there’s not a single cloud in the sky. You’ve got your swimmers and sunnies on, and you’re surrounded by the conversation and laughter of family and friends. The scent of skewers and snags on the BBQ is in the air. The pool is calling your name.

Well, we don’t know about you, but that’s what we call a perfect summer day!

The warm season is perfect for spending time outdoors with your loved ones, enjoying each other’s company while splashing around the pool and snacking on your BBQ favourites (hopefully not at the same time). 

But it can be a little underwhelming when you’re hosting a poolside party in a space that’s bare and uninspiring. You and your guests deserve to have a beautiful space to spend quality time in. So why not create a poolside space that everyone can enjoy?

Read on to find out exactly how you can use poolside plants to really elevate your outdoor space and make it the summer destination for the people in your life!

Landscaping ideas for pools - home with plants and pool

Why should you use poolside plants?

1. They provide cooling shade to the area

Every outdoor space needs to have a way to escape the harsh heat of sunshine. Plants are a good way to add that cooling shade around a pool, allowing people to have a break from the sun whenever they need it.

2. They provide additional privacy

Plants are a clever way to give your poolside area a little more privacy without compromising on style. You and your guests can feel confident that nosy neighbours aren’t going to be able to sneak a peek into your poolside shenanigans!

3. They aid in relaxation

Just looking at greenery has been shown to reduce anxiety and alleviate stress. You can make your poolside area a true oasis by incorporating plants to the area, creating an atmosphere of rest and relaxation.

4. They make your poolside escape look good!

At the end of the day, the main reason you should make plants a part of your poolside design is this: it’ll make the area look darn good. Plants are a classic design element for outdoor spaces, adding a natural charm and effortless elegance to your poolside that will wow anyone who sees it.

Factors to consider with poolside plants

Pool time fun landscaping


So now you know why you need plants for your poolside, but how will you decide what plants to install?

Well, before you get started with shopping, there are some things that you need to think about when choosing the right plants for you. 


The plants you choose need to be able to put up with either chlorinated or salty water, depending on the type of pool that you have. They also need to tolerate wear in areas that are likely to experience lots of foot traffic.


Maintaining poolside plants can take up a lot of your time, especially in warmer weather when their growth will be more rapid. Of course, you can offset this by choosing low maintenance or artificial plants. That way, you’ll spend more time enjoying your pool rather than taking care of it!

Another factor you need to consider when it comes to maintenance is the pool itself. Do yourself a favour and avoid making plant choices that will add to the cleanup time of your pool! Deciduous trees or any plant that frequently sheds a lot of leaves aren’t a great choice. 


If you’re looking to add plants to your poolside to introduce some privacy, make sure to pick plants that will grow to a height that can help you achieve that goal. Screening plants are tall and often bushy, which makes them perfect for adding privacy to the area.


The amount of space that you have available for planting will affect the plants you use. If the area is small, consider using hanging or climbing plants, or even potted plants. Vertical gardens or green walls are also great as they require very little space while still adding a high impact look.


It is important to choose plants that suit your climate so you can be sure that they can withstand the weather and climatic conditions. Unfortunately, this may mean that your preferred style may be out of the question. 

For example, you may want a tropical garden look, but live in an area with harsh winters which those plants simply wouldn’t survive for very long. In this case, fake plants may be the best way for you to still get the look without worrying about weather conditions ruining your poolside plants.


Think about how you want your poolside landscape to look like, and use that to help determine the best greenery for your needs. We love scrolling through Pinterest for landscaping inspiration! You could also take a look at houses around your neighbourhood to see what’s popular.

What are the best plants to put around a pool?

Which plants you place near your pool will depend largely on the water in your pool. Pool landscaping plants vary widely, with some better for salt water and some better for chlorinated pools. 

Some plants don’t grow well in soil that has a high salt level. If your pool is saltwater choose from more coastal species. If the water in your pool is chlorinated, then you need to consider a different set of plant species. The leaves of plants can be affected by chlorine if they are splashed with water from the pool, so you’ll need to choose species that have leaves that are tough and leathery.

Obviously, if you opt for artificial plants, you can choose from all types of plant species! You won’t be limited to plants that need to withstand chlorine or saltwater. Fake plants can deal with it all.

However, if you’re looking for real plants instead, the table below contains a list of plants that are appropriate for salt water and chlorinated pools.

pool side plants

Benefits of using fake plants for your poolside

Modern fake plants are so technologically advanced that they’re fast becoming a far more popular option for outdoor landscaping, including poolside plant landscaping. 

The key thing to remember is that not every artificial plant manufacturer is created equal. Make sure you choose a manufacturer that is committed to creating high quality fake plants. 

Here are some of the main benefits of choosing our artificial plants for your poolside:

1. Fake plants are hardy

High quality artificial plants are incredibly durable and able to withstand a larger variety of weather conditions compared to their non-artificial counterparts.

2. Fake plants last a really long time

We’ve had clients who bought vertical garden panels from us 8 years ago, and they report that their faux greenery still looks as vibrant as the day they installed it!

3. Fake plants are non-toxic

Trusted manufacturers (like us) will ensure that their fake plants are earth-friendly and non-toxic. It’s so important to do your research in finding a seller that is committed to this.

4. Fake plants are low-maintenance

No watering, no pruning, no pest control – just put your plant where you want it, and enjoy the view!

5. Fake plants are versatile

Artificial plants can be placed pretty much anywhere you like, since they have no strict watering needs or sunlight requirements.

6. Fake plants are pest resistant

You won’t be losing leaves or entire plants to garden pests anymore!

7. Fake plants look realistic

The fake plants of today are vastly different from the one from our grandparents’ generation. Long gone are the unrealistic designs of yore; nowadays artificial plants look just as good as the real thing!

Types of fake plants to spruce up your poolside

There are many types of artificial plants you can choose from to decorate your poolside. What you choose will depend on a variety of factors, so take your time and use this list as a guide when you do your shopping.

  1. Large trees – The perfect way to add shade to your poolside.
  2. Tropical palms – Who doesn’t love the look of an island getaway?
  3. Hedges – Perfect for privacy.
  4. Topiary plants – Creating an elegant and manicured look, these plants are a classic.
  5. Vertical garden – A chic space-saving solution.
  6. Wall art disks – Unique and memorable, this is both greenery and art!

Landscaping ideas for pool areas

Modern minimalist

Choosing the right landscaper for your home - outdoor space with pool

If you love a minimalist look to your interior decor, why not extend that vibe to your poolside landscaping too? This style is defined more by negative space compared to the plantings, with elegant hedges breaking up the vibrant green grass. Tall trees can be dotted around sparingly to add a little bit of interest to the design.

Multi-level planting

Landscaping ideas for pools - home with plants and pool


If the area around your pool is pretty steep, you should consider a multi-tiered approach for your poolside landscaping. Segment the area into the different levels surrounding your pool and choose plants that will stand out at each level. You could even use plants with different colouring or flowering plants to create a vibrant display.

Vertical garden

Beautiful Flowering Faux Plant Frame with Artificial Hedges

If you have limited space but still want to make a big impact with your poolside plants, then vertical gardens are the way to go! These green wall panels come in a variety of plant types, so there’s sure to be a style that suits your space. And if there isn’t? Well, we can make a custom design just for you!

Tropical oasis

Create a lush tropical getaway right in your yard with tropical palm trees, bushy ferns, and wide leaf plants. We all need a place to strip off all our worries and indulge in some much-needed relaxation. Well, now you can escape to your verdant tropical paradise within just a few steps of your door!

Privacy hedges


Need some added privacy but still want to keep your poolside fresh and green? Then install a poolside hedge. Our portable hedges are perfect for providing additional privacy and can even be moved around during parties if you need to divide your poolside space into different areas.

Stunning artificial plants for your poolside

At Designer Plants, quality is our primary focus, and with over a decade of experience and countless hours of research into state-of-the-art technology, we can confidently say that our non-toxic and realistic fake plants will withstand the test of time and look amazing too! 

With a range of fire-tested and UV-resistant plants, along with a large selection of fake plants of different shapes and sizes, we know you’ll be able to find the perfect artificial plants for your poolside here.

Get in touch with our team today so we can get your poolside looking its best, just in time for your next pool party!

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