High Quality Life-Like Greenery

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UV Resistant Green Walls & Hedge Tiles

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Realistic Artificial Vertical Gardens & Artificial Green Walls

Simply stunning artificial vertical garden panels & UV Resistant artificial green walls that are perfect for instantly beautifying any space simply and easily. Whether you need artificial hedge panels, artificial green wall panels, or lush living wall panels we have designs to suit every taste. Rest assured, each artificial vertical garden is made from high-quality RealTex materials to ensure longevity & realism. You’ll be sure to love the stunning new instant outlook you will have for years to come.

No-Maintenance & DIY Install Artificial Green Walls

Every beautiful artificial green wall is made with superior RealTex materials to ensure longevity in both commercial & residential settings.  All faux plant walls can be easily installed  by yourself or through our installation team.

✔️ Fast Delivery ✔️Highly Realistic ✔️Truly beautiful & Instant Results

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