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Privacy fences artificial hedges - installation on home

How to regain your privacy with artificial hedges

Do you have issues with privacy at your home or office? Can neighbours see into your yard or maybe your apartment balcony is open for everybody to view? Have you considered regaining your privacy with artificial hedges?

Fences tend to appear to be front of mind when we are thinking about privacy. The problem is the average fence may not fit the space, your design or perhaps you want a green fence. You can combine an artificial hedge with an existing fence to create a whole new look.

Artificial hedges for privacy

Artificial hedges are an ideal option for increasing privacy at your property. They are instantaneously available and easy to assemble, unlike organic options where you have to wait for them to grow to the desired height, fertilise the soil and spend time on maintenance. All you need to do is purchase artificial hedge panels and install them and you have immediate privacy.

Why Artificial hedges

  • Provide instant privacy when you install the hedge. Unlike wooden, metal or concrete fences that can be expensive, artificial hedges are supplied in easy to install panels. You may even feel confident to put them up yourself, here is a summary of how you can install artificial hedge panels.
  • Look great 24/7, and when you purchase an option that has inbuilt UV protection, it is safeguarded from fading or cracking in the harsh Australian sun.
  • Don’t need much maintenance. Just a wipe down every now and then if your hedge is dusty. Or let nature take over when it rains for outside hedges.
  • Can be installed anywhere that you want them to be. No need to consider the weather conditions or sunlight for artificial hedges, just install them and you’re done.
  • Artificial hedge panels are porous. So while they are protecting your privacy they still allow breezes to pass through them. Unlike solid options like wood that can stop the air from circulating and create a stifling atmosphere.
  • Brighten up a space. Green spaces are more relaxing and much nicer to spend time in, whether you are reading a book or having a catch up with friends.
  • Can reduce heat in a space by creating shade to block direct sunlight whilst letting cool breezes through.

Artificial hedge for balcony

Artificial hedge for balcony privacy

Balconies are a great hangout space after work and on weekends in the milder months of the year. Unfortunately, they don’t necessarily give you much privacy from your immediate neighbours.

The thing is that you want to increase your privacy but still enjoy that sea or other breezes on a hot night. Or maybe you get too much direct sun and, along with increasing your privacy, you want to cool down the space by protecting it from morning or afternoon sun.

Artificial hedges are an instant way of greening your balcony space without all the difficulties of organic plants. Just install your artificial hedge and enjoy instant privacy. No need to worry about maintenance, watering, weather conditions or waiting for it to grow.

Artificial privacy plants

If you are concerned that artificial privacy plants will look fake, don’t be. With the current technology, faux plants look just as real as their organic counterparts and will enhance any area where they are used. In fact they always look their best, unlike organic plants that can lose leaves, be affected by disease and pests and even die and look brown and neglected.

Your artificial hedge privacy screen can consist of a range of different varieties such as:

  • Buxus
  • Laurel
  • Elm
  • Mixed Boxwood
  • Photinia

You can choose from available plants or have the artificial hedge panels made to order to suit your specifications. They come in a range of heights and for greater height requirements they can be attached to framework and each other.

Can Artificial hedges be used as a fence?

Regain privacy with artificial hedges - ivy wall installation at home - Artificial hedge fence

Artificial hedges can be used in as many ways as you can imagine, there is no limit to how they can be incorporated into your home design – inside as well as outside.

  • Add artificial hedge panels to an existing fence that may be faded and looking worn out. Covering a current fence saves you money and is a simple way to create a new look without replacing the entire fence.
  • Use them as portable fencing for events. Ideal for crowd control and creating easy to see pathways to direct people to different aspects of your event.
  • Create edging around garden beds to prevent pets from damaging flowers
  • Artificial hedging means you don’t have to wait for organic plants to grow.
  • Attach to existing fencing around your pool.
  • Create an attractive barbeque area in your backyard fenced off from pets and other areas like children’s play areas.

They can also be used inside your home or commercial space as featured green walls. Greenery adds a rustic element that will enhance any interior design.

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