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How We’re Reducing Plastic Waste Through Recycling

Recycling is part of our DNA here at Designer Plants. It’s not something we highlight only a few times a year on key dates such as Clean Up Australia Day, International Earth Day, or National Recycling Week. It’s something we focus on throughout every day of the year through efforts such as the Designer Plants recycling program and creating artificial plants made from recycled materials.

As a socially responsible company, we’ve been committed to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices for some time – without losing out on our products’ quality, style and good design, of course!

Sadly, Australians produce around 76 million tonnes of rubbish per year, and only about half of that is being recycled. We acknowledge that this is a problem far bigger than one company can solve alone, but we’re committed to doing our part to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills from our own operations. We believe that every bit of effort counts in the long run.

But what does our commitment look like in practical terms? Read on to learn more about how Designer Plants is leading the charge in terms of sustainability in the artificial greenery space!

Create your outdoor haven with an artificial green wall

1. Designer Plants recycling program

We’re pretty proud of the fact that the Designer Plants recycling program is the first Australian recycling program of its kind!

Believe it or not, our beloved artificial green walls aren’t just a stunning addition to your space, but it’s also 100% recyclable. Our signature recycling program is really simple too, a factor that our team intentionally decided upon to ensure that we’re helping our environment without making it difficult for you to do the right thing as well.

Here’s the deal: if you ever find yourself needing to part ways with your beloved green wall, this program provides a simple solution. 

  • Step 1:

You can either bring your wall panels back to us in person or pop it in the mail. Our only request is that you cover the postage, which won’t cost much because our artificial green wall panels are actually rather lightweight.

  • Step 2:

Once your artificial green wall panels arrive at our doorstep, our team will swing right into action. We will meticulously separate the materials, making sure that every part of the panel is ready for recycling. 

  • Step 3:

Your retired fauxliage will now get a second chance at life, transforming into something new and finding its way to its next home, reducing waste and leaving the planet that little bit better off.

Yep, it’s truly as simple as that!

The best part is, you likely won’t need to use this program that often in the first place. This is because our artificial green walls and vertical gardens are formulated and built with durability in mind. As a matter of fact, our green walls are backed with a generous five-year fading and cracking guarantee.

So not only will these gorgeous green walls elevate your surroundings, but they’re also a sustainable choice that will stand the test of time. Now that’s what we call a win!

2. Our use of earth-friendly materials

We’re also proud to have achieved GRS Certification. GRS stands for the Global Recycle Standard, a voluntary certification system for recycled content in products. It aims to ensure that recycled materials can be traced within the supply chain and in social and environmental practices.

This certification is an incredible honour for us, because it represents our unwavering commitment to sustainability and ensuring that our products elevate the lives (and living spaces) of our customers without compromising the environment.

Our research has shown that not all plastics are created equal, so we’ve invested a lot of time, money, and effort in discovering which plastics can be reused for our range of products whilst still maintaining the impeccable aesthetics and high quality that our products are known for.

We’ve developed processes that not only ensure our recycled materials are top-notch, while also retaining UV quality to keep fading at a minimum. As a matter of fact, a fair few of our bestselling artificial greenery walls are made from recycled materials!

3. Our version of the 3Rs

We’ve all heard of the famous 3Rs – reduce, reuse, and recycle. At Designer Plants, we have taken this concept to heart, ensuring our customers are able to live by this ethos when shopping with us.

  • Reduce:

Believe or not, artificial greenery can dramatically reduce your ecological footprint. We’ve even done the math to compare the carbon footprint of living green walls compared to artificial green walls. It surprises a lot of folks to realise that artificial greenery can actually be more earth-friendly in the long run.

By embracing the beauty of lush greenery without the need for water, fertilisers, pesticides or an overflowing garden shed of tools both small and large, you’re reducing the amount of time, effort, resources (including water) and storage required to maintain a beautiful vertical garden.

Plus, artificial plants stay vibrant all year round, being unaffected by the seasons. And they can’t die on you, which is perfect for those not fortunate enough to have a green thumb. Which means you’ll be reducing the amount of trips you take to the nursery to buy yet another ill-fated plant.

  • Reuse:

One of the best things about artificial green walls is its versatility. These wall panels are incredibly lightweight and are easily customisable to suit any space. You can easily switch up your greenery from space to space, without needing to worry about buying new plants each time. 

That’s why our products are popular amongst interior designers, home stagers, and event planners! They can easily repurpose our products to suit each project, changing up the vibe with each new space. Artificial plants made from recycled materials that you can reuse to create an entirely new look over and over again? Now that’s the ultimate in eco-friendly decor!

  • Recycle:

We’ve already gone over our pioneering Designer Plants recycling program earlier on in this article, but did you know our commitment to recycling actually goes even further than that?

A few years ago, we introduced a range of stylish plant pots crafted from recycled materials. These pots not only look incredible, but they’re also made of recycled plastic that we’ve rescued from landfills. Sustainability has never looked so good.

Recycled plastic at its best. Bringing the outdoors in.

Our favourite recycled Designer Plants products

We’ve gone over all the ways we are committed to sustainability, but now we want to share exactly what that looks like in action! Keep scrolling to discover our team’s favourite Designer Plants artificial plants and pots made from recycled materials:

Luxury Country Fern Recycled Vertical Garden

recycled country fern green wall

We love this stunning combination of fluffy ferns and colourful foliage. This green wall adds texture and looks stunning both indoors and outside for a pop of lush foliage.

Small Potted Artificial White Jade Plant

potted artificial jade plant

This elegant artificial potted plant features lifelike white and green leaves, adding charm to any space. It’s the ideal decor choice for small spaces, and is known traditionally for bringing good luck!

Small Potted Artificial Dark Green Fern Plant

potted recycled plastic artificial fern

Spruce up your space with this realistic fern plant. This lush greenery breathes life into any space, letting your bring the outdoors in with very little effort. Easy indoor jungle vibes in just an instant!

Imitation Dark Stone Geometric (Square) Planter

geometric recycled plastic plant pot

Elegance meets sustainability in this eye-catching geometric pot. Handcrafted from eco-friendly recycled plastics and concrete, it’s not only stunning but incredibly durable. Ideal for modern homes and offices, it is bound to be a statement piece wherever you place it.

Earth-friendly artificial greenery for any space

It’s clear to see that we not only want to create beautiful, realistic artificial plants – we want to do so in a way that is kind to our shared planet. We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and have taken significant strides in that aspect. However, we’ll continue to do more in the coming years. We won’t ever cease our efforts in creating products that represent both style and sustainability.

As you explore our diverse range of sustainable artificial greenery as well as our pots and planters, just know that you’re not just enhancing your decor – you’re also participating in a greener, more sustainable future. That’s a win for both you and our planet!

Curious to know more? Discover our range of recycled artificial plants and recycled pots & planters now.

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