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Artificial Greenery

Artificial greenery: A guide to using fake plants in interior design

Do you love to dabble in Pinterest, creating mood boards of interior design inspiration for your home? With a world of choice and so many ways to style your interiors, narrowing down what kind of home decor will look good can be a challenge. One thing we’ve seen crop up a lot in home decor trends in recent years is the huge popularity of plants and greenery being used to add that finishing touch.

While some people have natural green thumbs when it comes to caring for plants indoors, some find it a little more challenging. On top of that, there are some parts of the home that are a little harder to keep plants happy in. The solution? Artificial plants, of course!

We’ve put together our best tips in a handy guide for how to style your home by incorporating artificial plants.

Green Walls

Tip #1: Create a green wall

Plants are no longer relegated to sitting on the floor alone anymore – going vertical with your artificial foliage is a great way to create instant impact. Vertical green walls are stunning in homes with high ceilings, ideal for spots that don’t get a lot of natural light and are the perfect alternative to a conventional gallery wall.

We love green walls in spaces with a neutral colour palette, it really makes the variety of green hues pop out to create a focal point in any room. In saying that, the ways you can use green walls are limited only by your imagination, don’t be afraid to get creative with how you use them.

Pick something with a tropical feel to create an at home oasis or go for the soft, countryside feel of ferns. If you’re looking for something on the smaller side, artificial green wall discs might be right up your alley. They still pack a punch of colour and texture but take up a fraction of the space.

We have a lot of green wall options here, dive in and get some inspiration.

Tip #2 Add accents to your home office

With so many of us working from home, even if it’s part time, you can’t forget your home office when it comes to incorporating greenery. While green has a strong reputation for being a calming colour, some people also find it motivating – what could be better for your work environment?

Whether you opt for a little potted plant on your desk, or go large with a fan favourite like a fiddle leaf fig, adding a splash of green to your office is a must. Having some greenery in your office can bring a sense of nature in and make the space feel a bit softer. They also look great in the background of your Zoom calls too!

Our favourite option for adding your own touch of interior design and style would be with the addition of a hanging basket. You’ll get the full impact of lush greenery, all while keeping your desk space clear.

Tip #3: Accessorise your bookshelf

Interior design isn’t just about the big statements like furniture and colour scheme, the small details play a big role too. One of our top spots for adding a touch of greenery with fake plants is your bookshelves.

Adding something as small as a succulent can instantly elevate your bookshelves. You can pop them on top of a stack of books or, if you find a suitable heavy plant pot, use an artificial plant (or two) as a book end to hold everything up. Clustering a few plants together with books that have similar tones on their covers can add a real feature that looks cohesive and draws the eye to your precious book collection.

If you have shelving rather than a conventional bookcase, a trailing plant can add a soft edge to the more crisp lines on the walls. Choosing something like an ivy or the ever-popular pothos options is the perfect way to fill in little gaps and that all important touch of personality to your room.

Tip #4: incorporate artificial plants into your table settings

Entertaining at home is always a great reason to try out some new and unique interior design trends. Add that little something extra to your table with artificial greenery and florals.

One way to achieve this is of course finding some beautiful blooms or foliage that you can place in the centre of the table. You could opt for something structural and patterned like an artificial begonia, or go for something classic like an orchid to bring a pop of colour in. If you’re more of a traditional bouquet kind of person, rather than a plant fan, a glass vase with artificial flowers might be the perfect addition for you. Real flowers will of course wilt over time after being picked, while our artificial tiger lilies look fresh for years to come. The added bonus is, unlike real lilies, they’re also pet safe too.

Another way to add a touch of flair to your table settings is by folding up a napkin and tucking a stem into each, underneath the cutlery. Bring in some colour with a sprig of lavender, or carry on the green theme with something grassy or leafy instead.

Tip #5: use artificial plants to fill empty corners

Is there a spot in your home that immediately springs to mind? Perhaps it’s that awkward little place that doesn’t get enough sunshine, or maybe it’s a bit too near the heating to let anything else survive? Artificial plants really save the day when it comes to those empty and awkward corners.

One of the spots we especially recommend is the corners near wide open windows, where there’s often a little section of wall that’s too narrow for hanging anything on and tends to just collect dust. You can add a bit of privacy and also soften the view you have to the outdoors with something like a tall and leafy bamboo.

Adding plants, artificial trees especially, to the corners of rooms can also create a more level and well balanced view when you walk into a room. If you have furniture concentrated in one area but have empty tables or gaps in the corner, it can make the room feel out of balance. It doesn’t take a lot to change this, something tall like a climbing plant or even going for a hanging option is perfect for those underutilised spaces.

Artificial trees

Tip #6: bring some colour and texture in with flower vases

If you prefer flowers over plants, artificial flowers can be the perfect (and cost effective way) of bringing more blooms into your home. Unlike the real thing, you can now get incredibly life-like options that’ll last for years – no water top ups required. Flowers are great at adding rich texture and complementary (or contrasting!) colour to any room.

If you want to go for the more colourful options, potted pansies add a cheerful feel to your space. You can cluster them together for a more bold statement or stagger them across a few shelves or tables to create a more subtle but equally stunning sense of cohesion.

For a more textural option, we recommend going for something with plenty of petals. They add depth and dimension while also suiting more muted and subtle colour schemes. The perfect option for you would be something like our faux hydrangea in a glass vase.

Tip #7: create flower walls in living rooms

Another option for flower lovers is of course the addition of a whole wall of them. Similar to green walls, they can be mounted on just about any flat surface and are a high impact way of bringing in more florals to your room, we especially recommend this in the living room. You can switch them out with ease and they’re a much longer lasting and lower maintenance option to a living plant wall.

They create a stunning feature, ideal for the more narrow areas you’re not sure how to style. On top of that, they also add a romantic feel with a bold hit of colour. Opt for neutrals like whites and pastels, or make it a real stand out piece with a classic red.

You can use a single panel on its own, or go large and create a stunning backdrop for your television or in a reading nook for a whimsical feel that brings nature in from the outdoors. Explore your options in our diverse range of artificial flower walls.

Artificial flower walls

Tip #8: gold discs and decorative accents to your potted plants

To bring a luxurious feel into your home, brushed metals like gold and brass are very on trend. Combining metals with your plants makes for a visually impactful contrast, bringing modernity and nature together. While some metals can corrode if they get wet, when they’re combined with artificial plants that don’t need watering, there’s no need to worry about that!

Metallic pots are an easy addition to bring in some high shine accents for your artificial plants. They look beautiful against the green, with gold offering a stunning contrast. If you want to go for something really high impact, you can’t go wrong with a gold artificial hanging green wall disc. It creates the look of a chandelier with lush and delicate ferns that drape down.

Hanging plants with reflective elements like the gold will draw the eye up, making these the ideal choice for high ceilings or simply those rooms that need a little more green love without adding clutter to the shelves.

Imitation Gold Artificial Hanging Green Wall Disc 40cm (Limited Range)

Final thought

Whether you go minimalist with a few small pots, or go large with some statement trees, there are plenty of simple and easy ways to elevate your space with the use of artificial plants. Each and every room in your home can benefit from that little extra thought and styling. Artificial plants allow you the ability to experiment and enjoy the benefits of bringing some green into your life, without the hassle of regular maintenance. You can bring more colour and texture in, as well as creating a space that feels tranquil and relaxing.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration for the best ways to bring more charm and style into your home, you can always explore our gallery or blog for more ideas. The most important part of any interior design and styling you do is that it makes your house feel more like a home and a place that you love to be.

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