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Artificial Fiddle Fig Tree 70cm

How to Choose Artificial Trees

If you’re looking for a stunning addition to your home that doesn’t ask for any assembly or installation, you can’t go wrong with artificial trees. Coming in a range of sizes, styles and varieties, the most challenging part about artificial trees is choosing which ones will suit your home the most! Whether you’re living in an apartment and want a touch more greenery or have a big entertaining area that just needs a little something extra, faux trees are the perfect finishing touch. We’ve got plenty of options to choose from, so to help you narrow down your choices we’ve created a list of inspiration and tips to make it even easier to pick.

The benefits of artificial trees

Before we get into choosing some artificial trees, we think it’s worth mentioning their benefits. They’re extremely versatile options that add some serious visual impact and can bring up that “wow” factor in your home. Of course, they’re also incredibly low maintenance as they don’t need any watering and won’t attract pests. Keeping them in top condition is also super easy and only requires giving them a brush with a duster or a damp cloth now and again to keep the leaves bright and shiny.

Another added bonus is you can pick up incredibly realistic options of the more fussy plants that are challenging to care for. If you’ve ever brought a Fiddle Leaf Fig home only to have it drop its leaves a week later, artificial trees offer the perfect solution to that. No green thumb required!

Artificial Fiddle Fig Tree 70cm
Artificial Fiddle Fig Tree

Indoor or outdoor artificial trees

Before you start looking into your options, you might like to think about where you’ll be putting your artificial trees in the first place. Are you going for a bold choice in the living room, or are you more interested in adding some foliage to your outdoor entertainment area?

If you’re looking for outdoor artificial tree options, we’d recommend going for something that has UV protection. This special addition to faux plants means they can withstand more of the harsh sun we get in Australia, keeping them looking fresh and lush for years to come.

Many of our artificial trees come with this UV-resistant treatment already applied, however, if you find an option you love that you want to put outside, you can add this UV treatment yourself too. Spritzing our Home Safe UV spray onto your non-treated plants will help them weather the summer sun, but you can also use it on already treated artificial plants to extend their life even further.

Get some green-spiration by choosing a plant theme

When you’re adding some fresh fauxliage to your home or garden, your best inspiration is found in the way you’ve decorated your home and adding plants that complement your existing style. Consider what kind of plants you may already have, or look at the kind of decor and colour scheme you’ve got around the house to figure out which plants will look especially stellar in your home.

A few options and ideas:

  • Tropical plants are always popular, adding an exotic and lush feel to any space. We love the impressive monsteras and philodendrons for this, as well as Bird of Paradise plants for that special splash of colour. For that real desert oasis feel, you can’t go wrong with the addition of a big statement palm or bamboo either. Bamboos also look great clustered together or lined up out on the balcony to create a sense of privacy too.
  • Mediterranean plants are always a stunning choice for Australian homes. Think of a wander through the Italian countryside that’s filled with olive trees, lemons and dense Cypress bushes. Bring that right into your living room with the very same plants that give you that Tuscan vibe. The soft greens and addition of some colourful fruit add that special touch of a European getaway to any home.
  • Florals are another wonderful theme, suiting both maximalist interiors as well as adding a splash of colour to more neutral toned homes. Some of our favourites from this category include camellias, the trailing vines of wisteria and the bold reds of dracaena.

If you’re unsure how to bundle plants together that’ll suit each other, you might want to take a look at our plant bundles that’ll take the guesswork out.

easy breezy outdoor fauxliage
Easy breezy outdoor fauxliage

Consider your home’s layout and lighting

If you’re in a south-facing room that needs some love (and greenery) or have an unused darker corner, artificial trees are a wonderful addition to spruce the area up. They obviously don’t need any sunlight to survive, so are perfect for those spots where your live trees and plants don’t survive so easily.

Another idea for where to consider putting your artificial trees (and in turn, decide which ones are best) is looking at the negative space in your home. Negative spaces are those little empty spots between furniture or utility areas like your dining and living rooms. By adding some artificial trees in there, you can create more defined regions in your home without making the space feel closed in.

Home decor with artificial trees
Home decor with artificial trees

Our other top tips:

  • Incorporate different shades of green or a variety of leaf sizes to create an authentic garden feel
  • Cultivate zones and clusters of plants for some major impact
  • Don’t forget your entryway! If you have an open-plan hallway, adding a touch of green with a tall artificial tree on either side of the door will give you that green sense of calm the moment you set foot inside.

Still need some ideas or help in choosing? Our team are experts in all things artificial plants and are only too happy to have a chat about what you’re looking for and how to achieve your green garden dreams.

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