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artificial hanging plants

Why We Love Artificial Hanging Plants

Our collection of artificial hanging plants is perhaps one of our favourite and more underrated ranges. Few plants are more versatile than these. They take up no floor space but still add that luscious touch of greenery to any room they’re in! For faux plants that have a little more of a unique edge, hanging plants are a stunning way to elevate a space. They draw the eye up and are perfect for smaller spaces and rooms with high ceilings. 

While they’re not as simple as potted plants to arrange, they’re still remarkably easy to install. You’ll also enjoy all the usual benefits you’d expect from artificial plants. If you love the look but aren’t sure how to incorporate them into your home, read on for inspiration, tips and tricks as well as our list of our favourite artificial hanging plants.

artificial hanging ivy ceiling

What we love most about hanging plants:

They don’t need special conditions to look great.

Living plants need certain conditions to thrive, particularly when you’re considering sunlight hours and temperature. If they get too much they can burn while if they get too little their growth will slow and sometimes they’ll even drop leaves.

Artificial hanging plants offer the perfect alternative for those spots in your home that aren’t right for a living plant. Many of our hanging plants have UV protection built in too. For those that don’t, you can also give them a spritz with our Home Safe UV Protection spray to keep them looking lush for years to come. You can put any of our fake hanging plants in the bright and hot or cool and dark spots of your home. They’ll still look phenomenal year round no matter the conditions!

You can choose the size you want.

On a similar note, you won’t need to wait for your artificial plants to grow to get that leafy green look. They offer instant impact, won’t need trimming and they’re never going to drop any leaves either!

If you have a spot that would look best with a more compact plant, you can even shorten some of the stems to get the look you want. We have detailed descriptions of all the sizes of our plants including their lengths. So, you can measure up your space and find the perfect faux hanging plants that’ll look just right.

Artificial hanging plants are pet and child safe.

A lot of living succulents and vined hanging plants have toxic sap in them. This means if you have curious little hands or paws in the house, artificial plants are a much safer alternative. Just like all of our products, our artificial hanging plants are made with ROHS compliant plastics. They’re free of nasties but with hanging plants, they’ll be out of reach too!

They’re the low to no maintenance option.

When you have plants up high like you typically would with any hanging option, you’ll need to be able to access them now and again to give them a drink of water and check the soil. Like any artificial plant, our faux hanging options are super easy to maintain. You don’t need to water them, they won’t attract pests and there’s no need to trim them if they get too long. Aside from an occasional dust or UV spray to keep them looking fresh, you can pretty much leave your fake hanging plants to it and they’ll still look great.

Artificial plants are lightweight and easy to install.

Whenever you hang living plants, their soil often makes them a lot heavier so they’ll typically need to be hung from a supporting beam. Artificial plants are made with a combination of plastic and wire, without any heavy soil or water in their pots. This means they’re a perfect choice for spots that aren’t strong enough for that extra weight. You can get creative with them without the risk of your plants putting any cracks in the ceiling!

artificial hanging fern

Where to place your artificial hanging plants:

Where you put your hanging artificial plants is really only limited by your creativity. Whether it’s hanging baskets, vines or garlands, you can add them to just about any vertical surface or ceiling! Here are some of our favourite places to see hanging plants to give you some inspiration: 

  • In the bathroom: bathrooms are often low light and can be a little draughty, while this isn’t the best spot for tropical plants, it’s perfect for artificial plants instead. 
  • Along bannisters and rails: Whether you do it for a season, a party or year round, adding some greenery that drapes over the railing really adds a stunning and unique look. 
  • Home office: Creating a comfortable and relaxing environment to work in at home is a must and bringing in some plants can make it feel much more tranquil. Hanging a plant in a corner or along a wall adds that impact, without taking up any desk space! 
  • On bookcases: If you’re an avid book reader, add a whimsical edge to your bookshelves with some artificial garlands to bring your favourite stories to life. 
  • Outside: You don’t need to limit yourself to keeping your hanging plants indoors. If there’s an empty spot or a view you’d like to disguise, get creative with some artificial hanging vines to soften the overall look.

How to install your own faux hanging plants:

If you’re installing an artificial hanging plant in a basket, it’s not entirely unlike when you hang a picture frame. You’ll need a hook and also a drill if it’s not a self-adhesive option. Check the weight of your basket and select one that’s strong enough and from there, pick your spot on the wall or ceiling to affix it to. 

For things like artificial vines and garlands, you can wind them around bannisters, book shelves and any other spots you’d like. If you’re adding them to a fence, you might want to use zip ties or a staple gun to attach them more firmly.

Our favourite hanging artificial plants:

  • Artificial ivy: this one always looks classic. Artificial ivy is versatile and comes in a range of clusters and garlands so you can create a custom look that fits in with wherever you’re placing it. 
  • Hanging fern baskets: ferns are beautifully delicate looking, adding a country feel to whichever room they’re placed in. They’re also an easy alternative to the real thing which can be sensitive to excessive light. 
  • Philodendrons: if you prefer a more tropical look, these colourful and patterned leaves can create a stunning backdrop or feature to your home or garden.

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