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artificial moss with neon logo sign on top of it

How a Business Can Use an Artificial Moss Wall

In a Nutshell

  • Client: business
  • Products used: Fresh Natural Green Artificial Moss
  • Results:
    • Link between business and casual décor style
    • Made an authentic backdrop for a pink neon sign.
    • An uninspiring wall became a centrepiece of the bar.

Before Our Collaboration

plain black wall

Artificial moss walls have long been lauded for their aesthetic and environmental benefits, yet it seems only recently that businesses have begun to recognize their potential.

When a client running a trendy juice bar in the US approached us with a vision to include an artificial moss wall, we were thrilled!

So this is a story of how a regular black wall became a centrepiece of a funky space and contributed to the relaxing ambience of the bar.

The Problem

This US client opened up a juice bar in one of the fittest and healthiest states in the country – California. Being a health enthusiast, the client decided to share his passion for health, wellness and delicious drinks with other Californians.

The juice bar is small, but it could easily pack a punch. And to differentiate the bar from the competition (and there’s a lot of that in California), they wanted to make an impression on the customers.

But according to them, the wall adjacent to the shop window wasn’t conducive to the inviting and motivational environment they had envisioned for his space. The wall was blank, black, and boring.

So, they researched a bit and found that an artificial moss wall would fit perfectly in their ethos. One of the most appealing aspects of faux moss walls is their minimal maintenance requirements, and bearing in mind that his business was moving fast, they didn’t have time to dedicate to complex plant maintenance.

Since artificial moss doesn’t need watering, sunlight, or regular pruning, this makes it a great solution for business owners who want to include greenery without the hassle of upkeep. With a faux moss wall, one can maintain a fresh and vibrant look year-round with little to no effort.

During the Process

installing artificial moss wall on commercial property

Determined to create a more inviting space, our client explored various options online and stumbled upon our blog. Intrigued by our articles on artificial green walls, they reached out with questions and shared his vision.

The client wanted to create an innovative and eye-catching backdrop for his business signage. Since the sign was neon, they needed something more decorative for the background, but nothing that would steal the spotlight from the bar name.

At first, we discussed the installation of regular, faux green wall panels and some similar ideas. But ultimately we agreed that it would do exactly what they didn’t want – overwhelm the space. Then, we collectively decided on a faux moss installation.

The Solution

made with love neon company sign on top of faux moss wall

After a detailed description of the client’s personal décor taste, we recommended our Fresh Natural Green Artificial Moss, a vertical garden panel designed to attract the eye of even the most disinterested customers.

The idea of artificial moss wall panels was unconventional, but the execution was seamless. Although we asked whether they’d like professional installation, our client opted to try their hand at a DIY approach.

They had to measure the wall and calculate how many panels he’d need. At first, it seemed a bit complicated, but, they took advantage of our website calculator. Once they had his dimensions, the rest was a piece of cake.

Here’s what they did:

Upon receiving the artificial moss panels, the client laid them out on the floor to visualize the arrangement. They then estimated where the panels would hang and prepared the wall by nailing in the screws.

They placed the panels on the wall and interlocked them using the plug system on the grid. For one panel, they had to cut circular pieces of one panel out to accommodate the pipes without leaving bald spots. The client then fluffed the faux foliage to ensure the join lines weren’t visible.

During the process, the client was initially worried that the moss might obscure his signage, but eventually, they found that the subtle texture allowed the neon pink “Made with Love” sign to stand out.

The striking appearance of the moss wall and the juxtaposition with the neon sing turned this bland wall into a real focal point. And in a competitive market, such distinctive decor can set the business apart and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

After the Process

The transformation exceeded our client’s expectations. The realistic appearance of the faux moss wall provided a lush, green backdrop that enhanced the juice bar’s atmosphere.

The neon sign, contrasted against the vibrant green moss, created a memorable focal point. This addition refreshed the space and aligned with the client’s idea.

Future Plans

Our client expressed immense satisfaction with the project, noting how the fake moss wall turned the juice bar into more than just a place for a healthy drink. Now, they felt the space became a welcoming environment where patrons could relax and socialize.

Inspired by the success of this installation, the client is now considering additional products to complement the faux moss wall panels. We’re eager to see whether they opt for more faux greenery.This project highlights the transformative power of artificial moss walls for businesses. If you want to improve your business storefront or change the interior, our team is ready to help. Contact us with your ideas, and let’s work together to create a space that stands out.

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