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Hedging our bets with Ocean’s 8 instant greenery

Hedging our bets with Ocean’s 8 instant greenery

A quick solution to deliver instant greenery satisfaction

An event organiser in Melbourne urgently required greenery as part of their event design for a series of movie premieres across Australia. They could not wait for custom staging or an elaborate build to happen, but they still needed greenery that was versatile enough to work in a variety of spaces.

Fortunately, they discovered our Mixed Boxwood Hedge and we were able to get it delivered that very same day!

Instant hedges, perfectly manicured

Our popular Mixed Boxwood Hedge is easy to transport and is often lauded for its versatility. Our customers have used these hedges for privacy, or as a decorative element, or even to delineate spaces at parties and events. The only limit to its usage is your imagination!

Featuring dense foliage and a realistic look, these lightweight hedges are UV Engineered and guaranteed to last for years – even when placed outdoors. They do not require any watering or trimming to look good, which means you won’t have to worry about maintenance. You’ll simply get to enjoy the look of a perfectly manicured hedge all year round.

Hedging our bets with Ocean’s 8 instant greenery

Client brief and result:

The Mixed Boxwood Hedge is super easy to install and move around, which suited this project completely. The client managed to install it right away, and they were able to transport it around to all the different events at multiple locations over the course of a fortnight.

More importantly, they were able to reconfigure the portable boxwood hedges to suit each event site, thanks to the versatility of this artificial greenery. These hedges were effective in adding greenery in the background of the red carpet, creating a point of difference at each event.

Plus, they looked pretty photogenic too. You could even say that they’re ready for their Hollywood close-up!

Product: Mixed Boxwood Hedge

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