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how to clean or maintain an artificial green wall

How To Clean or Maintain an Artificial Green Wall?

If you’ve installed an artificial green wall recently or want to learn more about their maintenance, before you purchase one – read up on what you need to clean or maintain for your new faux green wall. After all, the more love and care you give your space, the longer it lasts.

Low maintenance green wall

steps to clean a green wall

The beauty of having an artificial green wall over a living wall is that its low maintenance. In fact, it’s so close to not needing any help, that we often refer to the range as zero maintenance.

Your artificial greenery will not need sunlight, soil, fertiliser or even trimming. Regular care will be a thing of the past. Of course, you can always add a living feature to your faux wall, which may mean this changes your routine. The option is yours to make and depends on what you need or prefer.

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Silk plants VS. Plastic plants

There are two main types of materials when it comes to an artificial green wall. There are silk and plastic plants.

For silk plants, you are not advised to get them wet as this will damage them. So if you have a fake plant or green wall of this variety, be sure not to put liquids on them. You can, however, use a duster or dry cloth to wipe them down.

As for plastic plants, this type of green wall material we prefer here at Designer Plants for its strength and durability. You can use water to clean plastic faux plants. We provide further detail on this later in the post.

How to clean an artificial green wall?

This guide is for those with plastic plants. Silk plants should use a cloth or duster, as they are not designed to be wet.

To kickstart your garden wall cleaning, you’ll need a few supplies including:

  • Feather duster
  • Dry cloth
  • Small bowl or bucket of warm water
  • Bottle of window cleaner / multi-purpose cleaner spray

Step 1: Dust your plants

Alike real plants, artificial green walls can collect dust. Depending on where your plant lives, the volume of dust will vary. Often if a plant is inside or near sunlight, it will collect more dust than usual.

Using the feather duster, lightly dust your green wall leaves and stems. Be careful not to break the plastic stems on your artificial wall.

Step 2: Spray your plants with window cleaner or a multi-purpose spray

After you’ve used the feather duster, spray the plants and green wall with a non-abrasive window cleaner or multi-purpose spray. We have created a 100% Home Safe spray solution you can use in your residential or commercial space.

If your plant or fake green wall is UV stabilised or resistant, leave the plant out in the sun for a few minutes. If not, let the wall dry for a few minutes inside.

Step 3: Wash your green wall with water or a shower head

After 10-15 minutes, remove the cleaning product from your plants using the warm water from your bowl or alternatively with a shower head from your bathroom.

If your plant or green wall contains flowers or is delicate in nature, you could try using a wet cloth or paint brush to clean it.

Step 4: Wipe your plants with a dry cloth

clean an artificial or fake plant

After rinsing out the cleaning product from your artificial green wall, finalise your cleaning by grabbing a dry cloth and wiping over the stems and leaves.

After this, your plant or green wall will be as good as new.

INFOGRAPHIC: Steps to clean your artificial green wall

INFOGRAPHIC: How to clean an artificial green wall

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