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fern artificial green wall

DIY Artificial Green Wall Installation in Clayton

While we’re always happy to work with clients to create their dream garden transformation, plenty of them take it into their own capable hands. Our client in Clayton wanted to refresh the backyard, bringing in greenery that would look fresh year round. 

They wanted to create a more private and relaxing area, covering up the view they had of their neighbours’ fence. Working together to come up with an initial plan and choosing the perfect plants together, they then got to work and shared this beautiful transformation with us once they were done.

clayton green wall before

  • What they chose:

This spacious and open plan deck was already the perfect spot for entertaining, it just needed a little something extra to give it that urban oasis feeling. The client sourced their own timber, constructing the perfect frames to support their green walls. They used a combination of the Luxury Country Fern artificial green walls, as well as the Mediterranean Fern

Having options with the UV protection already built in was a must for the sunny outdoor location of the renovation. These lightweight options were perfect for this space, needing just basic support to suspend.

clayton green walls after

  • Install and final results:

This stunning upgrade creates a beautifully enclosed green space. The vertical panels separate the two fern panel varieties, finished with a warm stain to contrast the verdant green. Now, this garden space has plenty of privacy, texture and visual appeal. With the overhead cover, this client’s garden is now the perfect spot for year-round entertaining. 

The total number of panels used was 14. In contrast with living green walls, these ferns can withstand the heat of the Australian sun, won’t need watering or trimming and can be maintained easily with the occasional spray of our Home Safe UV Spray

Do it yourself with artificial green walls from Designer Plants!

fern artificial green walls

We love seeing the transformations our clients create and have designed our products to be as easy to install as possible. Most of our panels weigh just 4 kilos each, making them the perfect option for any vertical space you’d like to enhance with the beauty of plants. 

If you’d prefer to leave any instals in our hands, we’re more than happy to help you out. If you have an idea for how you’d like to transform your space, or need a personal recommendation, get in touch with our team.

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