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10 Indoor Pot Plants to Decorate Your Living Room

Indoor pot plants are becoming increasingly popular. Regardless of natural or artificial greenery, stylish pots and lush foliage are always a great way to add colour and interest to your living room.

Indoor plants can make a room look more inviting and help to make things cosier. They have the ability to soften a space and are known for their mood-boosting qualities.

Benefits of indoor pot plants

If you opt for real plants, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Improved air quality in your home.
  • The sweet scent of flowering pot plants – unless you are suffering from allergies.
  • Your very own little herb garden. Herbs such as basil, mint or chives are easy potplants for a sunny windowsill.
  • A seasonal display. With a bit of luck and good care, flowering plants such as the popular Phalaenopsis or the stunning Poinsettias will show their seasonal bloom every year.

Or if you decide to mix things up, choosing artificial pot plants also comes with a few extra advantages:

  • They are the perfect solution for rooms with little natural light. They’ll always look fresh and will brighten up even in the darkest reading nook.
  • They are lightweight, easy to move around and regroup, and perfect for hanging baskets.
  • Use any plant you like, with no need to consider light and watering conditions.
  • They will not need any tender loving care other than the occasional wipe
  • You can choose from a range of sizes with different designs and colours to complement your space
  • Unlike real plants, they are mess-free.

And there are lots of life-like plants and decorative pots to choose from at Designer Plants that look like the real thing.

Looking for inspiration? Here are our favourite indoor pot plants to decorate your living room with.

Create a cosy living room with indoor pot plants

Our top 10 artificial indoor pot plants

Persa Boston Fern

This lovely potted Boston Fern is a compact but lush plant. Only 20 cm in diameter, it fits small spaces like bookshelves, desktops, or windowsills. It’s perfect for a sunny spot. To change the look and feel of a space, you can also easily repot it into a different container.

Because you never have to water artificial plants, anything goes when it comes to showcasing them – it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative with your interior decor.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

You’ve got to love the name! It lives up to its name as their live counterparts can be fiddly to take care of. You can still enjoy their beautifully shaped leaves and with an artificial counterpart through. At just 70cm high, our Fiddle Fig Tree is a compact and stunning option that’ll look great in any home.

Twiggy Japanese Natural Bamboo

We are slowly getting into “jungle territory”. This Japanese Bamboo is almost a metre tall and weighs in at 2kgs. Its foliage looks and feels so life-like we’re sure you will find visitors giving it the sneaky test touch.

With this artificial bamboo plant, you’ll get all the lush greenery without having to water it once! Plus, it already comes in a decorative pot, ready to take its place in your living area.

Flowering White & Pink Peace Lily

An artificial Peace Lily – or Peace Plant – is a fabulous addition to your home. It will add colour and vibrancy to your home decor. Natural Peace Lilys usually bloom during Spring and early Summer in Australia. But with one of these faux beauties, you can enjoy their bloom all year round.

Topiary Trees

You might say topiary trees firmly belong to the outdoors. It’s true that we most often see them on patios, entrance ways or as ornamental greenery around pools. But artificial topiary trees can also add an effortless elegance to rooms.

They are especially popular for adding a focal point and a natural touch to large, airy spaces. Best of all, artificial topiary trees will always keep their perfect shape – no pruning required.

Snake Plant

Are you looking for a bold statement plant with solid lines? Then an artificial Snake Plant is the perfect choice for you – Designer Plants have various sizes in stock.

It’s the plants’ upright shape that makes them excellent indoor plants. They’ll easily squeeze into a narrow corner, add visual height to a room, and already come in a modern pot.

Taro Plant

Taro plants (Elephant Ears) are the ultimate it-girls with decorators and interior designers right now. Their large, elegantly shaped leaves instantly add visual interest to any space, giving it a stylish and modern look.

Choose a small Taro plant to adorn a cabinet, sideboard or shelving. Use the larger plant to add height to a room and brighten a corner with this lush, dense foliage.

Fishtail Fern

With its fishtail-like, bright leaves, we can see how this Fern got its name. This is another compact plant pot of lovely fauxliage. Small, yes, but it certainly packs a punch with its dense, bright green foliage. Perfect to ‘green-up’ small spaces. It comes in a standard black pot, but – as with all artificial plants – changing pots is super easy and guarantees an instant new vibe.

Palm Tree

If the budget doesn’t allow you to enjoy a holiday under the palm trees just yet, why not bring the palm trees home instead? A lovely replica of a tropical plant, the artificial potted Mountain Palm is the perfect pick-me-up plant with its slender fronds in shades of green. Picture it paired with a couple of ferns or Taro plants and you’ve got yourself your own tropical oasis.

White Evergreen Aglaonema

We are finishing our list with one of our all-time faves. Commonly known as Chinese evergreen, this artificial Aglaonema is an absolute stunner. Its vibrant and delicately veined green-white leaves will add texture, interest and form to any room.

Where can I buy indoor pot plants online?

All Designer Plants products can be ordered online.

If you are unsure about what plants to choose to decorate your living room or would like more information about any of our products, then please contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you in finding exactly the right pot plant for your spot.

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