Fern Hanging Basket UV Resistant 110cm


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A great accent to your porche, entry way or any part of the house is a hanging plant.

And this Artificial Hanging Fern Basket is an excellent choice.It’s rich green lifelike foliage will surely catch anyone’s attention.

Most live hanging plants are very fussy to grow and die out easily.

But this artificial alternative will look prime all year round with little to no maintenance.

What you need to know

Artificial Hanging Fern Baskets

Nestled in a beautiful coconut liner pot that adds a more natural appeal to it’s lifelike appearance.

In this changing climate and harsh sunlight no need to worry about fading as this faux plant is UV treated,

Can withstand outside elements.

Add this stunning artificial hanging fern basket as a home or office decoration and enjoy the beauty and relaxing vibe it brings.

A truly wonderful hand-made artificial (faux) hanging basket that comes with stunning foliage, a basket and hanging chain to make for easy hanging.


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