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Portable Artificial Boxwood Hedge UV Resistant 75cm High 100cm Long

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$349.95 Inc GST

An elegant leafy artificial dark green boxwood hedge that is perfect for beautifying your balcony, porch or any space in need of instant greenery. You’ll love the stunning foliage and instant results your faux hedge will provide.

✔️ UV Engineered & Realistic Looking Boxwood Hedge
✔️ Light-weight, Durable, Quick & Easy To Install
✔️ Easily Moved & Perfect For Home And Event Styling

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Portable Artificial Boxwood Hedge

Experience Effortless Elegance with Our Premium Portable Artificial Boxwood Hedge

Whether you’re decorating your home, fence, balcony (to screen out an unsightly area or regain privacy), or wall, instant portable fake boxwood hedge is an easy and instant way to get the results you want. Portable boxwood hedges are also perfect for offices, or shops to add some greenery indoors.

Transforming your living spaces, whether at home or work, has never been easier. Introducing our exquisite portable fake boxwood hedge, meticulously designed to add a touch of sophistication to any environment.

🌿 Elevate Your Space with Ease: Whether you’re enhancing your home, concealing unsightly areas on your balcony, or redefining your office or shop’s interior, our portable artificial boxwood hedge effortlessly achieves the results you desire. It’s an instant touch of green luxury that’s ready to grace your surroundings.

🍃 Crafted to Perfection: Our commitment to excellence shines through in the quality of our artificial topiary. Measuring 75cm high, 100cm wide, and 25cm deep, it boasts a lush boxwood leaf foliage that mirrors the beauty of nature.

Key Benefits of an artificial hedge:

🌞 Key Benefits That Inspire Confidence:

  • Lightweight and Portable: Convenience meets luxury with our easily transportable hedge.
  • Unmatched Quality: Immerse yourself in the finest craftsmanship and materials.
  • Year-Round Greenery: Enjoy the vibrancy of greenery every day, no matter the season.
  • UV Engineered: Our hedge is designed to withstand the test of time and the sun’s rays.
  • Lifelike Brilliance: Embrace the astonishing realism that captivates all who behold it.
  • Instant Gratification: Achieve your desired look effortlessly and instantly.
  • Durability Redefined: Reuse our hedge in various spaces, knowing it’s built to last.
  • Ready-to-Enjoy: No assembly required; simply unwrap and enjoy the beauty.

Discover the simplicity of maintenance-free elegance. Say goodbye to the uncertainties of gardening, the risk of withering plants, and the hassle of holiday care. With our lifelike hedge, you’re investing in a hassle-free, year-round masterpiece that exudes charm. From concealing unsightly areas to regaining your cherished privacy, our portable artificial boxwood hedge is the epitome of versatility and grace. Take the first step towards a more beautiful space; contact us today and let nature-inspired luxury enhance your world

These hedges really are the perfect solution for instantly ‘greening’ your home, office or shop. From the time you get them they are ready to go, super lightweight, and perfect for indoors or out. Why pay for a gardener, risk your plants wilting and not knowing what to do when you go on holiday? Keep it simple, save money and best of all have an amazing life-like hedge.

Perfect for hiding unsightly areas, beautifying unsightly areas, or regaining your privacy along your balcony. (contact us today).

Our quality, portable fake hedge plant / artificial topiary measures75cm high, 100cm wide and 25cm deep + boxwood leaf foliage


easy to install


Easy do-it-yourself

Stunnning Vivid Colours

Stunnning Vivid Colour

Life-like for ultimate effect.

no watering needed


Save On Your Water Bill & Don't Worry About Wilting Plants.



100% Recyclable & Australia's First Back To Base Recycling Program.

durable material


Made With Long Lasting High Quality ISO Certified Materials.

Designer Approved


Used By Australia's Leading Designers.


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Tasmania (main metro) 3-6 Days
Regions areas may take longer.

Express dispatch and Premium Courier provide complimentary insurance and faster dispatch and delivery times.

If you have special requirements please contact us and we will assist you as best as we possibly can.

Shipping costs vary from $10-25 for most items. Ultra-regional areas are additional and calculated at checkout.


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