Foam / Plaster Installation Part 50 Pieces

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A simple an effective installation part for foam and plaster walls.

Common where these may be suitable are: offices, foam render walls, external foam walls and plaster / stud walls.

Each kit contains 50 pieces.

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What you need to know

Artificial Green Wall – Foam Wall and Plaster Wall Installation Kit – 50 pieces

These handy plastic tapering screws are suitable for installing artificial vertical gardens onto foam or plaster walls.

The installation screws are not designed to hold substantial weight, and may need in foam walls an application of a strong adhesive (each screw prior to inserting into foam may need to be dipped in a suitable adhesive) – many foam walls however, may not require this, but low density foam may benefit from the use of an adhesive.

In attaching to plaster walls you simply screw these in, whilst ensuring to grip the plastic backing of the green wall panel.

You will require a screw driver or drill bit to install the foam / plaster plug.

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