Screw and Washer Kit (Timber and Plaster) – 25 Pack

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  • Quick and easy to install your green wall.
  • Perfect for timber, plaster, composite material or MDF.
  • Simply line up the screw and washer and screw straight in.
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What you need to know

Screw and Washer Kit (Timber and Plaster)

So you’ve decided to install your Artificial Vertical Garden yourself? Designer Plants recommends using our screw and washer kit to firmly attach you green wall panel.

  • Washer large enough to correctly grip the plastic mesh backing.
  • Screw designed to snugly fit the washer (please note the 2.5m screw maybe protrude through thin timber, so two washers could be used, or alternatively ensure it goes into a timber beam, or something solid).
  • Perfect for attaching to: timber, plaster, MDF, plastic or composite materials.


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