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indoor pots for artificial plants

How to Choose the Right Pot for Your Artificial Plant

Choosing the right container for your artificial plant can enhance the esthetic appeal and realism of your faux foliage.

This simple guide by our designers will help you understand how to choose the right pot for your artificial plant and what to look for when selecting a pot, planter, or decorative container for your artificial plants.

This way, you’ll ensure your faux plants blend seamlessly into your home or garden decor.

What Do You Use to Pot Artificial Plants?

A variety of containers!

Artificial plants are so versatile, they can sit neatly in many containers, commonly known as pots or planters.

While “pots” are typically round and “planters” are usually elongated, many manufacturers and suppliers use the terms interchangeably to denote any container that can house plants. Although the terminology might be easy to digest, there are still things you should ponder before choosing a pot.

For example, here at Designer Plants, we have round plant pots that can be both traditional and modern and come in an array of colours and textures. Besides this, we’ve got recycled pots made to be 100% compostable and reusable. You can also come across a few models of hanging pots designed for use with either artificial or living hanging plants and made from durable and long-lasting materials.

And when it comes to “planters”, they come in diverse shapes and include rectangular troughs and large decorative shapes.

In a nutshell, for our clients, the moniker doesn’t matter as much as the material and design. So, if you’re looking for strong and sturdy garden pots for your next gardening project, there are a few things you should consider.

How to Choose the Right Artificial Plant Pot?

Getting a case of analysis paralysis?

We get it, there are so many choices out there on the market, and it’s not an easy feat to choose the right one for you.

indoor planters with artificial trees

Luckily, you can break up your decision into bite-sized pieces to help you tackle the pot from all sides. And since we don’t want to leave you to your own devices here, we’ll help you along.

So, to choose the right artificial plant pot, you need to consider:

The Material

Artificial plant pots come in a variety of materials, each with a unique look and feel. Since there are so many different models and materials to choose from, you can get artificial plant pots to suit your space to a T without much issue. Imitation stone, metal, plastic– you name it – we’ve got it!

Yet, our pots are largely made of recycled plastics. They’re earth-friendly and don’t drain our planet’s resources, all the while being budget-friendly and easy to clean. So, if you want a pot that’s suitable for indoors and outdoors, highly durable and strong, opt for recycled plastic. 

In other cases, if you have top-heavy plants and want to keep them from toppling over, we recommend ceramic or stone pots that are heavy enough to keep your foliage on the ground. And on the other hand, if you want your plant to be moveable and light, you may benefit from wooden planters most.

The Size

We don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble but… size matters. At least for plant pots it does. Selecting the right size of pot for your faux potted plants is crucial. But, unlike real plants, artificial ones don’t grow, so you have more flexibility to choose what best suits you.

In any case, the pot should be proportionate to the plant. Too small, and it won’t support the plant properly; too large, and it might look out of place.

Generally, the pot width should be about 1/3 of the plant’s height. Here’s a rough guide:

  • For smaller plants up to one meter in height, choose outdoor planters or indoor plant pots not wider than 35cm.
  • For taller plants, go over 35 cm and adjust the pot size accordingly, ensuring it provides stability and a balanced look.

The Shape

Now here comes the fun part – the shape. The shape of the pot can add to the style and presentation of your faux potted plants. And believe it or not, it can make or break your presentation up to the point where it’s obvious your plant didn’t come from the soil.

Depending on how you display your artificial plants, you can choose from small bowls, large indoor plant pots, troughs, asymmetrical planters, and more.

Of course, the shape largely depends on how you’ll display your fauxliege. If you want to “plant” artificial hanging garlands on your windowsill, a long trough may be the best choice. But if you want to pot a small faux plant on your coffee table, look at small bowls that will complement your existing decor.

Ultimately, ensure you get a clear view of your space and the pot shapes it can accept to avoid overwhelming it.

Colour and Style

The colour and style of the plant pot should complement the room’s decor and existing colour palette. The colour you choose should capture the attention of the visitor without poking needles in their eyes.

Designer Plants offers a wide range of colours and styles to match any interior or exterior setting, so be prepared to feel a little shilly-shally about it until you find your perfect match. We recommend painting some pots you have at home in different colours to see which ones fit your esthetic and then choose planters in your desired shape online.


Artificial plants don’t need watering, so drainage holes are not necessary for indoor pots. That’s the beauty of faux potted plants: you can enjoy their beauté all year round and not worry about the maintenance part.

But for outdoor planters, you might consider pots with drainage holes (or mobile plugs at the bottom) to prevent water accumulation and mould growth. Designer Plants also offers bottomless planters for better outdoor performance, and you can choose between the classic model and the black metal planter with wheels.

What Should You Fill Your Fake Plant Pots With?

outdoor pots with faux flowers

Leaving pots empty can be a telltale sign that they’re fake. Unfortunately, this will diminish the overall esthetic and authenticity of your space.

To enhance the realism of your potted plants, treat them as if they’re genuine by filling the pots with soil, mulch, or decorative stones.

Here’s why this is so beneficial for your fauxliege:

  • Authenticity: Empty pots immediately signal that the plants inside them are artificial. By filling the pots with soil or mulch, you create a more convincing appearance, making it harder to distinguish between real and fake plants.
  • Stability: Adding weight to the pots with soil helps prevent them from tipping over easily, especially in outdoor settings or high-traffic areas.
  • Appearance: A filled pot looks more complete and visually appealing. It adds to the overall decor and can blend seamlessly with other real plants you might have.
  • Environmental Integration: Filled pots integrate better with their surroundings and contribute to a cohesive and natural-looking environment.

So, do a quick search about all your options. You can even indulge in a DIY project and craft your pot base to look more real like we did here.


Deciding on how to choose the right pot for your artificial plant is not the end of the line: you should further consider materials, size, shape, colour, style, and drainage.

By carefully selecting these elements, you can ensure your faux potted plants look as natural and attractive as possible, whether indoors or outdoors.

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