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3 Best Artificial Outdoor Plants for Your Garden

Want to create a lush garden retreat within the confines of your home?
Well, you’re not alone – that’s a desire shared by many homeowners.
Unfortunately, challenges like space limitations, unfavourable weather, or hectic schedules often hinder this dream.
Thankfully, artificial outdoor plants can be the solution to all your woes. Yes, it really is that simple. Faux plants bring the essence of genuine, green plants into your garden – with minimal effort. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?
Stick around to find out how you can use artificial outdoor plants to bring the natural world’s splendour closer to you.

What to Consider Before Buying an Artificial Outdoor Plant?

Decided to join the elite ranks and get yourself fake outdoor plants?

That’s a great start!

But now you’re probably wondering: where to begin?

Life’s not always simple, even when choosing faux plants. It’s not just about selecting the most aesthetically

pleasing fauxliege or the colours that suit you best.

Instead, several important factors must be considered before you make a worthwhile investment like this.

  • Material Quality

Maybe it goes without saying but judging by the fake plants some neighbours decide to display, this point might not be common sense. So, it’s crucial to look for high-quality fake outdoor plants crafted from durable, UV-resistant materials. This ensures they can withstand exposure to the elements and maintain their colour and structure over time.

You wouldn’t want a plant that fades at the first hint of sunlight, would you? That’s what we thought.
Our outdoor plant walls, discs and hedges are UV-resistant and with warranties that cover them for up to 4 years outdoors. We also have UV sprays to go even further up on the protection – so you only have to worry about the detail of the artificial outdoor plants … and which visitors you’ll fool first, of course.

  • Variety and Style

From the striking appeal of a sansevieria to the delicate charm of eucalyptus, diversity adds vibrancy.
But what’s more, you should take a minute and think about the nativity of the plants you like.

For example, you should always choose plants that complement your decor style and add the perfect touch of greenery to your environment. Don’t buy fake outdoor plants that are so different from the ones typical for your living area – it’ll be very obvious they’re fake!

  • Outdoor Suitability and Maintenance

It’s very simple: some fake plants are not made for outdoor use. To be fair, many real plants don’t thrive too well outdoors without assistance, either.

So, what can you do?

Well, keep this information in mind and read the labels before buying. We’ve noticed that some clients skip over the product details and buy the wrong kind of faux plant for the wrong location. This not only increases the chances of you being disappointed, but it also exposes your artificial plant to less-than-favourable conditions.
The plants that are on our site are labelled and easy to notice on each product page. So, even if you buy from elsewhere, don’t let brands misguide you into buying something unsuitable.

What’s the Difference Between Artificial Indoor and Outdoor Plants?

Artificial indoor and outdoor plants are like two sides of the same coin. They’re both made from high-quality materials, mimic real plants, and come with warranties. Regardless of the intended use, our designs mimic Mother Nature’s beauty at every leaf, trunk, and stem.

indoor vs outdoor faux topiary balls

But artificial outdoor plants take it a step further because they’re armed with UV resistance and designed to withstand severe weather. Now, that’s not to say indoor fauxliege is less resilient. Fake plants made for indoor use are still high-quality and come with the same perks as their counterparts; they’re just made with a different purpose in mind and are more delicate.

So, when choosing foliage for your outdoor space, read the fine print. To ensure it truly is made for the outdoors, it should be UV resistant and impervious to weather changes.

What Are the 3 Best Artificial Outdoor Plants?

Now that you understand the difference and know what an artificial outdoor plant is for – what’s the best one for your space?

While there’s no right answer when it comes to interior design, here’s what we recommend:

Faux Green Walls

artificial green wall panels

Faux green walls may be the best fake outdoor plants.

Unlike real green walls that require regular watering, pruning, and overall maintenance, artificial green walls are quite the contrarian – no watering, no fertilizing, no trimming! To put it simply – the ideal choice for busy homeowners or those without a green thumb.

Artificial green walls maintain their lush appearance throughout the year, regardless of the season or the weather. They won’t wilt or fade during hot summers or cold winters and will ensure your yard looks vibrant and inviting year-round.

And it’s also a DIY project unlike any other. All you need to do is pick your surface, prepare it, and hang your green wall panels on it like other talented people have done before you.

What’s more, faux green walls come in various designs, styles, and foliage options, allowing you to customize the look of your yard to suit your preferences within your budget.

Some of our favourite faux green walls are:

Artificial Hanging Plants

Faux hanging flora comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and plant types, allowing you to create a customized look for your patio. Whether you prefer cascading vines, colourful flowers, or tropical foliage, there’s a wide selection of artificial hanging plants to suit your aesthetic preferences.

artificial hanging vine flower

There are a myriad of ways to use them too. You can choose your favourite greens, make a basket, and hang it from a pergola, a wall on your patio or a hook on the exterior.
And if you just can’t be bothered, we’ve got full hanging baskets in the catalogue, such as the Artificial Potted Fern Hanging Basket. It’s a stunning decorative plant that will provide texture and freshness to any mundane space.
The best part? You don’t have to water it and have it drip all over the floor. A real blessing!

Artificial Trees

artificial outdoor small tree

A superb way to have the real thing – in an artificial way!
Our hand-made artificial trees look just like the real thing, just without the work or maintenance. These faux plants exude luxury, don’t take up much space, and are a modern addition to your outdoor décor.
The Designer Plants collection is brimming with fantastic potted artificial trees made to resemble your favourite real ones, from Ficus to Split Philodendron Monstera. Artificial trees boast lifelike foliage and are crafted with precision to ensure they stand tall and firm. You an even fill the pots yourself to add to the illusion.
And since we send it wrapped and protected, you can fluff the leaves and arrange the stems exactly how you like them – spread apart of close together.

Finishing Thoughts

Don’t look further than artificial outdoor plants if you need detail and realism.

While there is no right way to decorate a space, we believe there is a better way. And with today’s daily chaos, the best decor is the one that requires the least time commitment and effort.

If you have an idea you’d like to turn into reality or want to know more about our faux plants, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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