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Home decorating and styling on a budget

How to style your home with a low budget

A few simple changes here and there, and you can style your home with a low budget. We take a look at some ways you can transform or decorate your space with no or little money.

Style your home with a low budget

Rather than making drastic changes that can blow your budget, you can make small adjustments to your home. These tweaks to decorate your home or style a space you love, could make a big difference and save hundreds of dollars in the process.

Home design ideas

Use colour

You can use colour and even tones to transform a space. Some ideas include adding new pillow covers, mixing lampshade colours, installing wallpaper or other home decor items to decorate your home.

Reuse and recycle goods

Home style comfy pet bed

It’s common for people to throw away items, which can be treasured elsewhere. Even in your home, you may find something. Try repurposing goods like old plates and turn them into a broken mosaic piece of art. Or use old luggage suitcases as a way to make a comfy pet bed or neat storage solution.

Download and print striking photos

You can find some beautiful images on the web that have no royalties. Look for creative commons images which can be downloaded and printed. These photos could add life to a room or fill up an empty wall space. And best of all with sites like flickr.com or unsplash.com you’ve got a lot to choose from at no added cost.

How to decorate your home with no money

If you’ve got no money to decorate your space, some of these solutions could help.

Move furniture away from the walls

Style your home with a budget

When furniture is not pushed against walls, the room will look bigger. Pull it out from the walls far enough that a person can easily pass behind (or more depending on your space) and enjoy the feel of a larger room.

Declutter – and add more room to your space

If you feel cluttered and overwhelmed, sort through your things and have a garage sale. Rehome things that you never look at or interact with. Be strict and only keep the things that fit who you are today.

Add a focal point to your room

If your room feels too busy or there is not enough energy coming through, it may be time to consider creating a focal point. You can do this by rearranging items like moving furniture away from a fireplace.

Find more home style tips with our free guide

Need more inspiration? Check out our free home style guide. Enter your details below to find more ways to style your home with a low budget.

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