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spiral and shape vertical garden wall design

Top wall garden designs and secrets

In the world of architecture and design, comes the ever so popular wall garden design. Today these beautiful works of art are helping to create stunning spaces all around Australia and the globe, not only in the home but at our favourite cafes, co-working spaces, and reception centers.

Wall garden design

Wall gardens have been around for a long time dating back to Professor Stanley Hart Write. However, vertical gardens which have become the symbol of modern gardens are thanks to a French botanist in the early 2000s.

Since then, wall garden designs have evolved. There’s now a fast paced industry where you can get a vertical wall garden in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Alternatively, a fake garden that looks like the real thing. The artificial varieties allow for those without the famous ‘green thumb’ to enjoy a level of greenery they never thought was possible without being beholden to their garden.

Our top 4 wall garden designs

Get ready for some inspiration as we choose four top artificial garden designs.

Wall garden design multi pattern

Multi-pattern and coloured vertical gardens like this one showcase a level of creativity and style. By using a construct of plant varieties you can create a fake garden (or real one) that encompasses a specific shape, number or encourage some form of emotion.

Vertical wall garden for home

This creative wall garden display uses frames to create a visual experience. This unique installation allows for an array of plants to be gathered. The design uses square frames which allow you to add additional complimentary items. In this case, the bird’s house. This setup is great for people with a creative side who love to mix and match various plants or artificial stems to create their own masterpiece.

Vertical garden transformation

In this instance, the wall garden look has been applied to a fence. The use of the artificial greenery helps to add privacy to the home, whilst also creating a beautiful look to enjoy from inside the home. This is compared to a standard fence. The greenery also helps to create an illusion that the space is larger than it is.

Vertical garden DIY hanging wall plants

Hanging wall plants are another popular form of vertical gardens. With this wall garden display you install a piece of wood or board to hang multiple pot plants. You can add the pot plants in a row or scatter them across. Commonly, vertical gardens like this are used with a mix of flora. – typically they are useful when growing vegetables or herbs.


Hidden secrets about wall garden design

What the experts don’t want you to know. We uncover some hidden gems that you should get across when it comes to creating your wall garden.

You can add a green wall with a low budget

You don’t need thousands of dollars to create a green wall. If you are looking to use a living wall, you can purchase portable DIY planters to help achieve this look.

Or, if you are not able to grow something because you are short on time, you can always opt in for a fake artificial garden. Choose a green wall of your choice. And if you are not after too many vertical garden panels, you can always look to create a green wall with limited supplies. For example, look to add ivy to a wall. This stretches the look without pushing your budget.

Low maintenance is possible

Vertical garden designs to date have improved. These days you can get portable planters which reduce water usage and maintenance. By adding succulent plants you can also add an array of plants – with less fuss than other flora options.

When looking for zero maintenance, you can’t go past the faux section. A ‘living’ garden wall design can still be achieved with the fake variety. Once installed, you’ll never need to water, fertilise or trim the plants. And they will be green throughout the year, in all seasons!

Versatility can be achieved

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? When you build a garden, you have the chance to create a unique space that represents you or showcases the best parts of your home. You can add a mix of plants, flowers, vegetables or fruits. The more colours and weird shapes, the better a vertical garden becomes. That’s because this trend allows you to add a wide range of layers. So you can even obtain a luscious forest look.

Portable displays are available

If you are running a party and need to decorate a space or need to add some colour to a wedding reception – you can’t go past portable garden displays. They come packed ready to be installed or can be put together on site by an event organiser. There are options where you can hire out a green wall or garden display for a special day even with real plants. Imagine a wall full of flowers similar to the floral displays you see during the Spring Carnival.

But if real plants are not your thing or you want to achieve the same look without the worry real plants can come with, you can also hire out a green wall or portable boxwood hedge to uplift your space and keep your guests amazed. A boxed hedge could help to guide guests through a venue or create barriers where needed. Fake flowers and plants can also be ideal for table decor.

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