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Vertical gardens for schools and beginners

Vertical gardens for schools and beginners

With kids spending more time on electronic devices and less time outdoors, teachers and parents have started to introduce vertical gardens for schools and beginner gardeners to regain vital life skills.

We take a look at this thriving trend and some of the benefits you can enjoy by introducing a vertical garden into your school or home.

Urban gardening turns to vertical green walls

Gardens are no longer a few pot plants or sections of your backyard covered in dirt. The trend of vertical gardens has seen greenery forming around city buildings, inside restaurants and public spaces like schools and pop-up community gardens.

This trend is a credit to the unique style of vertical gardening. Also, because urban gardening is turning to easier options. With a vertical green wall kit you can plant your favourite items, whether a vegetable garden or flowers. Urban growers benefit from the reduced use of water with vertical gardens spreading nutrients, among space saving benefits.

The benefit of vertical gardens on children’s education

vertical garden for schools

Gardening at schools or at home allows children to be aware of the importance around plants. It also helps to inspire their creative talents by choosing plants and arrangements to create their masterpiece.

Aside from educational and personal development benefits, schools like Discovery High School in New York have found that offering children the opportunity to have a vertical garden in their school, helped to increase interest in learning. Discovery found attendance rose from 40 to 93% because students didn’t want to miss their edible gardening project.

In addition to this, students and beginner gardeners can learn about other plants. A vertical garden for a school or building takes up only a portion of space to horizontal like gardens. They can be filled with flowers, herbs, vegetables, succulents and a plethora of plant species – adding to the kid’s knowledge about flora.

Plants, an answer for climate change and education

In conjunction with the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) Ideas Fund, the innovative ‘Edible Vertical Gardens’ project was put in place and overseen by Edinburgh-based research scientist Lynette Roberston. This project helped to put nature as a focus for Scottish schools, encouraging students to think about why greenery matters and the impact climate change has on them and their environment. Further, also providing them with greater knowledge in how to produce their own food, which may become vital in the future if harsh droughts continue.

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Organic gardening teaches kids vital life lessons

Gardening for kids

One of the best life lessons a school or parent can give their child is to give them responsibility for something. Taking care of a plant and learning to nurture it may also be perfect before you decide to get your little one a pet.

By introducing an organic garden to your school or home, you can teach kids to learn and research plant species, understand how to care and be responsible for a living item and enjoy the rewards good care can bring.

A Baltimore City Public school recently experienced this by creating gardens for their students. The school promoted vertical gardens as a way to teach students about plants, harvesting, and cultivation. As an edible garden, the students also learned about healthy foods and cooked up meals every 90 days for their peers.

The art of sustainable garden design

A group of civil engineer students from Victoria University recently worked to build a ‘living wall’ of lush plants in two primary schools in Melbourne. As well as improving the aesthetics of each school’s concrete structure, the gardens offered a way to regulate temperatures and provide children with a first-hand learning experience in sustainable garden design.

Vertical gardens are perfect for beginners

These projects from around the world show that vertical garden designs can offer kids, parents and even teachers a wide range of benefits.

If you’re interested in a real vertical garden project or wish to enhance a space with the support of our earth friendly zero maintenance green wall range, contact our team of designers today.

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