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How Can Artificial Greenery Save You Time and Money?

We have often discussed how building an artificial garden offers bountiful benefits. From artificial hedges providing privacy from those nosy neighbours, to cultivating a tropical poolside oasis and crafting the perfect internal fit-out in both residential and commercial settings.

But have you ever considered the benefits that artificial greenery can provide when it comes to to saving you both time and money?

Well, we love to be the bearer of good news – so let us enlighten you on all the perks!

One of the most appealing things about fake greenery is that it takes very little upkeep to maintain the garden. Think about it – artificial plants don’t grow, so unlike real trees and hedges, there’s no longer a need to routinely trim, prune, and clip your artificial greenery.

You’ll also save money on your water bill since artificial plants won’t need watering. Plus, without the need for soil replacement on pest control, you’ll not only have more savings but a healthier yard too.

So if you’re hoping to regain some time on your weekends whilst saving some extra cash in the process, read on to learn about the different ways you can do so by installing artificial greenery.

4 reasons artificial greenery will save you time and money


Artificial Hedges

 1. Artificial greenery won’t keep growing

When it comes to fake greenery, what you see is what you get for the entire lifespan of your chosen plants! Overgrown hedges, tall tree branches overhanging your neighbour’s property, and that constant need to mow the lawn can all become a thing of the past when opting for the artificial route.

One of the key benefits, therefore, lies in the time you save in not having to tend to continuously growing greenery. The reality is that nowadays, families lead busier lives than ever before. From attending extra-curricular activities after school to sporting games and social catch-ups on the weekends, it can be difficult to find the time to tend to the garden.

Artificial outdoor greenery such as high-quality artificial hedges or beautiful and realistic-looking trees set the perfect tone for a family backyard without the time-stealing maintenance that real, growing plants require.

Plus, there’s such a large range of realistic fake outdoor greenery now available that you’ll feel spoiled for choice when it comes to designing your artificial garden.

Artificial Flowering White Lily Green Wall


2. Artificial greenery costs a lot less to maintain!

Aside from saving ample time from installing artificial greenery, you’ll also be pleased to discover that you will be able to save your pennies in the long term too!

While hiring a landscaper or gardener in the initial phases of your garden planning might be a good option to bring your vision from concept to reality, the need to hire an ongoing gardener to maintain the artificial greenery is made completely redundant.

The average cost of hiring a gardener can vary between $40 – $60 per hour. Due to fake greenery not growing or changing with the seasons, you won’t need to pay someone to rake autumnal leaves or prune a hedge to manicured perfection.

Fake plants can last outside with very low maintenance cost, just be sure to check as to whether they are categorised as weather-resistant plants, UV infused plants, or UV resistant plants at the time of planning and purchase. You can also make your artificial plants more durable by using a UV Protectant Spray every few months!

Artificial Greenery Poolside


3. No watering needs leads to savings on water bills

Water conservation is an incredibly important consideration when planning your garden. Artificial greenery doesn’t require watering, which is particularly useful during Australia’s often drought-ravaged summer months.

In some cases, water restrictions have been imposed, which only allows the watering of gardens for a set amount of times per week. Imagine trying to keep real plants alive when this happens? Well, you won’t have to worry about it if you’ve got an outdoor artificial garden instead.

Understandably, not having to water artificial plants will further your cost saving when it comes to your water bills. The cost of installing irrigation systems such as sprinklers and drip irrigation can vary depending on your requirements. And unless they’re connected to a water tank system, ongoing use can be costly.

If it is your preference to spend an extra minute or two in the shower, then installing artificial greenery will allow you to enjoy your shower time with the peace of mind that your water bills can be reduced, thanks to not having to constantly water your garden to keep it alive.

Artificial Olive Tree with Olives


4. No worries about pesticides

Insect pesticides are a common garden expense when maintaining real plants, trees, and shrubs. Pesky insects have a habit of feeding on the leaves and fruits of certain species, causing many to spend hundreds of dollars on chemicals to rid their garden of these pests.

With artificial plants, however, insects aren’t an issue, nor is the need to spend your cash on the chemicals to kill them! This further adds to your hip pocket which is a wonderful benefit in itself, but it also makes for a more eco-friendly home lifestyle.

Some pesticides can cause short-term adverse health effects to humans such as stinging eyes, rashes, blisters, and nausea, while some studies have linked pesticides to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

So, in addition to saving money by avoiding pesticides, it is likely a better outcome for you and your family’s health as well. Not to mention, our artificial plants are also non-toxic, so it further protects your family’s health and well-being!

Other ways to save time and money with artificial greenery

It’s clear that artificial greenery can give you back more time and save your money while you’re at it, here are a few more tips to help you save even more time and money with artificial greenery!

  • Plan ahead

Make sure you’ve got a plan for your outdoor artificial garden so that you can purchase your plants with confidence! Nothing’s more frustrating than receiving all your plants and vertical green walls, only to realise they’re not the right size or design for your space. We actually sell samples of our artificial green wall panels for exactly this reason!

  • Choose high-quality artificial plants

One of the key things you can do when it comes to choosing artificial greenery is to research the manufacturer you’re buying from. It’s so important to opt for businesses that put quality first, because this means that their artificial greenery will be more durable and safe compared to their competitors.

  • Location, location, location

If you want to save big bucks in the long run, it’s vital that you do everything you can to ensure your artificial plants’ longevity, particularly if you’re placing them outdoors. This means you need to make sure to keep them protected from harsh weather conditions such as torrential rain, harsh winds, and heavy snow.

  • Protect your artificial plants from sun damage

Another way to boost your artificial plants’ durability is to protect them from solar damage. Too much sun damage can cause your artificial plants to become brittle, or become discoloured. It’s not a good look! So make sure to place them in the shade whenever possible, and use a UV Protectant Spray every few months.

Save time and money with high-quality artificial greenery

Artificial greenery has the ability to transform any space into a welcoming setting. It helps in creating the perfect atmosphere for entertaining or providing privacy where needed. Beyond these benefits, there are even more rewards! This includes ensuring that your money is better spent elsewhere, rather than on ongoing water costs, maintenance, and gardening.

Time is the most valuable thing. And being able to regain some of it back thanks to the low maintenance nature of fake greenery? Well, that’s just another perk. This, coupled with not needing to expose yourself to nasty chemicals in order to keep your plants alive and well, gives artificial gardens the big tick of approval.

Need some help choosing the best artificial greenery for your garden? The experts at Designer Plants are ready and waiting to hear from you! Get in touch with us now so we can help you get started on building the outdoor artificial garden of your dreams.

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