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Artificial Outdoor Plants and Using Them In Your Garden

Do you struggle to find joy in gardening but still want a verdant view to look out to when standing at your window? Then artificial outdoor plants might be the perfect solution for you! 

While some of us are fortunate enough to have a green thumb, there are many of us who unfortunately don’t have that ability (or the time and interest) in gardening, but still want to enjoy a beautiful outdoor garden.

Artificial plants for outdoors are a great way to add greenery to your outdoor spaces quickly and easily. Want to create your very own garden with artificial outdoor plants but not sure where to start? Well, we’re here to help!

Read on to discover the benefits of using artificial plants in your garden, how to incorporate these artificial plants and trees into your garden, and also what to look for when choosing outdoor artificial plants.

Benefits Of Using Artificial Plants Outdoors

There are many different advantages to using artificial outdoor plants in a garden, some of which may be less obvious than others. Keep scrolling to discover the benefits of choosing artificial plants for outdoors.

1. Artificial outdoor plants are low maintenance

This is an obvious one! Artificial plants require much less upkeep compared to their natural counterparts due to them not requiring any pruning, fertilising, and watering. A quick cleanup and generous application of our artificial plant UV spray is all you need to do. Even that’s only required every six months or so. So whether you’re time-poor or simply don’t enjoy gardening, these low-maintenance plants can be a fantastic option for you.

2. You can enjoy artificial plants all year round

Artificial plants for outdoors are truly evergreen and can be enjoyed in all seasons. No matter rain, hail, or shine, you can count on your outdoor artificial plants to maintain their vibrancy all year round. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any shedding (and subsequent cleanup) in cold weather, or dried out leaves during harsh Australian summers. Instead, all you get is a fabulous garden that looks great all year round.

artificial fiddle leaf fig designer plants

3. Artificial outdoor plants are more durable against harsh weather

Do you live somewhere that experiences weather conditions such as extreme weather? Things like variable temperatures, heavy rain, strong sunlight, and harsh winds? Then you’ve probably realised by now that not many plants can survive these conditions. You won’t have to worry about that with artificial plants! With careful placement, artificial plants are able to endure harsh weather conditions much better than their natural counterparts.

4. Artificial plants are allergy-friendly

Allergy and hayfever sufferers have long known that the odds of having a verdant outdoor garden which won’t trigger their allergies is near zero. There are so many plants out there that are known to trigger allergies. However, you don’t need to resign yourself to going without entirely. Thankfully, artificial plants provide a great solution! Since artificial plants do not contain pollen or other allergens, they are safe for people with allergies. Finally allergy sufferers can enjoy a beautiful garden no matter the season – no antihistamines required.

5. Artificial outdoor plants offer more flexibility

If you’ve ever tried to grow plants, you’ll know how finicky they can be. Some need full sun, some need partial shade and a few can withstand low light. Then there are the plants who need water most days while others will die with too much. It’s not easy being a plant parent! 

Fortunately, artificial plants continue thriving no matter where you place them and certainly don’t need any watering to look stunning all year round. Plus there’s such a variety of artificial plants out there that you’re bound to find the best artificial plants for your outdoor space.

How To Incorporate Artificial Plants In Your Outdoor Garden

1. Pick the right plants!

First, ask yourself: what are the best artificial plants for outdoors? Creating a beautiful garden with artificial outdoor plants and large artificial outdoor trees begins with first choosing plants that are realistic, high-quality, and durable. 

The products here at Designer Plants® are created to mimic the qualities of natural plants and have been manufactured to the highest standards. This includes being ROHS-compliant, which means that our plants are all non-toxic and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

We also have a range of UV-safe greenery that are specifically designed to withstand outdoor sunlight. These are definitely a great choice for an outdoor garden. UV protection will ensure that your plants resist fading and cracking. If you purchase plants that don’t have UV protection built in, our UV Spray can be used for protection against the sun.

artificial green wall vertical garden

2. Enhance small spaces with artificial green walls

Not quite got the floor space to create the garden of your dreams? Then consider installing artificial vertical garden panels! These space-saving green wall panels are an excellent choice for small spaces and they’re a surprisingly easy DIY project that will create that lush feel in your garden without taking up much space at all. 

Our range of Designer Plants® UV Artificial Vertical Garden Panels are also available in a wide variety of styles to suit different design schemes. We even offer custom bespoke artificial vertical garden panels so you can create an artificial green wall that perfectly suits your space.

3. Create separate zones with portable box hedges

If you have a larger outdoor space, using box hedges to separate your garden into zones can create a cosier vibe and allows you to assign different functionalities to each of these distinct spaces. 

For example, we’ve had clients use artificial boxwood hedges to separate their outdoor living, dining, and play areas. As an added bonus, these portable hedges can be easily moved around so you can change things up whenever you like! 

4. Block out nosy neighbours

Whether you live in a suburban home or a city apartment, there’s no denying that you’ll be in close proximity to your neighbours. While the sense of community and friendship is often wonderful, sometimes you need to be able to have some privacy. Fortunately, artificial plants are great for creating areas that allow for more solitude, away from prying eyes. 

Artificial boxwood hedges, artificial green wall panels, and artificial hedge or ivy rolls are perfect for this. They can help you screen your outdoor area in a beautiful way while preserving your privacy and helping to block out noise.

5. Hang artificial plants for visual interest

Hanging plants are such a great way to break up harsh lines and add visual interest to spaces like patios, decking, and balconies. They’re also a clever way to decorate large vertical spaces like high walls on the side of your home.

You can use hanging plants and vines like string of pearls, Boston fern, and philodendron, as well as fake ivy vines or an ivy garland for this effect. These plants are really versatile and easy to install and move too, which is always a lovely bonus.

6. Highlight key areas of your garden

With proper planning, you can use artificial plants to highlight specific areas of your garden. For example, you can include topiary plants and artificial shrubs along pathways, or create a an artificial vertical garden as a backdrop for your poolside area. You could even use large artificial outdoor trees or artificial palms to around your outdoor seating area for lush resort vibes all year round!

On the flip side, artificial outdoor plants can also be used to block out areas of your outdoor space that you might not want to see. Things like an old shed or unsightly utilities like your hot water heater. Simply put, strategically placed artificial plants are a clever way to draw attention to areas you’d like people to notice and draw attention away from spaces you’d rather no one take a second look at!

artificial plants in high places

7. Pop them into hard-to-reach places

Sometimes artificial plants can save you from a logistical nightmare. If you have an area in your outdoor space that is tricky to get to – think steep slopes or a rooftop garden – consider using low-maintenance artificial plants in these spaces. That way you won’t have to worry about accessing these tricky areas for frequent watering or pruning.

Create The Artificial Outdoor Garden Of Your Dreams

Whether you lack a pair of green thumbs or simply don’t have enough time in your schedule to maintain a garden, you can now still have the garden of your dreams thanks to artificial outdoor plants! Be sure to use all our tips when purchasing your plants and planning out your garden, and you’ll be able to enjoy your wonderful new artificial garden in no time.

Need more guidance in choosing the right artificial plants for your garden? We can help! Our team of experts can help you find the best artificial outdoor plants. Simply get in touch with us to get started.

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