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The secret to long lasting flowers

The secret to long lasting flowers

Flowers are beautiful, but more often that not they go from being full of colour, to being near the end of life. Every person wants their flowers to last, but what is the secret to long-lasting flowers? In this blog, we give you some tips on how to keep those beautiful flowers alive.

1. Add vodka

Most people are surprised by this one, but it has been proven to help flowers stay fresher, for longer. By adding vodka mixed with water in a vase, the vodka works as a preservative and will obstruct the ageing process of the plant. Only a few drops are needed, as too much can lower your drink supply and hinder the process.

2. Keep the vase clean

Your vase should be good enough that you can see the stems straight through (if not clear glass, imagine so). To ensure flowers die later, prolong the life of your petals by feeding them with the best quality water. If the vase is not clear or murky, look to change the water over.

Flower tips

3. Cut the stems

When you get the flowers, grab some scissors and snip off about half an inch of the stem. The cut can help remove any dirt from the flowers. You should do this every 2-3 days so the plant can steer clear of extra air that can block its roots and bring forward its end of life.

4. Keep away from fruit and veggies

If your flowers are in the kitchen like most homes or nearby the fruit platter, keep them far away. Ageing fruit and vegetables can impact your beautiful bunch of colours by releasing a gas that is harmless to a human or pet, but not to your roses!

The best kept secret!

The moral of the story is, flowers do die. These tips are here to help extend the life of your colourful bunch. However, if you ever want something that will last longer with no watering needed, we recommend you consider lifelike flowers and vertical garden flower options in our range designed to withstand Australian weather. You can even mix and match, without mess or fuss.

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