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Fake vertical garden

Why Fake vertical gardens are the leading garden trend in 2016?

Artificial Vertical Garden

The newest trend for the new year is vertical gardens. But not as you’d typically pick it.

When you think of fake vertical gardens, what do you usually think of? Ask most people and it’s probably not artificial plants. However, it seems to be the latest trend for many homes and businesses, as individuals and organisations become time poor and the freedom to enjoy a green vertical garden is on the rise, with the desire to not have to maintain it.

David Eden, manager of Designer Plants in Melbourne, Australia knows all too well the difference between being a natural green thumb to an artificial plant lover. He started working in the live plant industry a few years ago and is convinced that consumers are opting in for artificial gardens, over real ones because of their benefits. “The real advantage is they are lifelike, so a lot of people have no idea, they also mean more time for other things in life”.

Designer Plants sells a wide range of artificial plants, including this latest trend of faux vertical gardens. The company promises the highest quality, with unique UV resistant hedges and a 5-year product guarantee that backs up the promise”. David shared “We’re committed to innovation and our range will always exceed expectations as we have independently tested the promises we make for our products”.

The desire to enjoy a free from maintenance garden is definitely on most busy people’s agenda. On the plus side, there is a strong desire for going green with new developments. When you compare the hours needed to maintain a garden, let alone a vertical one – it seems quite obvious why vertical gardens are starting to lead the trend for gardening this year.

Whatever you fancy, vertical gardens and added greenery add to the design of buildings, old and new and will drive positive feedback by most.

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