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Transforming Steel Fencing To Tropical Oasis

Transforming Steel Fencing To A Tropical Oasis

Here at Designer Plants®, our artificial greenery provides practical and versatile options that can make an immediate impact on any indoor or outdoor space. So when a client from Western Australia approached us about transforming his poolside area into a tropical oasis, we had the perfect solution.

Installation of Designer Plants Vertical Garden Panels next to a residential poolside

About the project

The client wanted to create a space that would invite him to relax, entertain guests, and elevate the poolside tropical feel. He also wanted a low-cost and low-maintenance solution that still looked great.

With the existing space, the issue was twofold — the plant life wasn’t particularly low maintenance, and the steel fencing was a distraction from the tropical vibe he wanted to experience.

Adding more living plants to the area wasn’t the answer, as it would have increased his maintenance requirement as well as his cost involvement.

So that’s where Designer Plants vertical garden panels came in!

Artificial vertical garden for the perfect tropical oasis

For those looking to create a tropical getaway, the Green Tropics Vertical Garden is the perfect solution. Combining a thoughtful mixture of greenery, leaves, branches, and grass, these panels provide a practical screening option that can beautify any area.

With lifelike foliage that is dense and lush, creating a vertical wall with these hedge screens makes for a great feature piece in any garden.

These versatile green wall panels can also be joined together easily and customised to cover up any fences or unsightly areas of your garden or indoor space. So no matter what area requires a sprucing up, you can be sure that these vertical garden panels will do the job.

A big consideration is also durability and maintenance. Unlike with living plants, our Green Tropics are highly durable and UV resistant, so they will continue to provide you with an evergreen tropical setting even throughout the harsh Aussie summers.

Maintenance is also easy – there’s no need for watering, trimming, or spraying. All you need to do is admire and enjoy the lush tropical greenery.

The Result - A Tropical Oasis with lifelike greenery in Western Australia


With the help of our Green Tropics vertical garden, the client has transformed his poolside space into the tropical oasis he wanted.

Rather than attaching the panels directly onto the metal fencing, which would have resulted in screws coming through the other side, the client installed timber palings to the fence in order to support and stabilise the panels.

The result was a high-quality lifelike vertical green wall that looks like it came straight from a rainforest. Not only does it look realistic, but the artificial greenery elevates the space and combines perfectly with the calm of the pool to promote a greater sense of peace and happiness.

The best part is he will be able to enjoy the vibrant, lush greenery for years to come without the cost and maintenance required by real plants.

Easy to install and customise, our artificial greenery provides any indoor or outdoor space with immediate results. No need to wait for them to grow and no need for continual maintenance.

So instead of sitting poolside while looking at the sheer metal fencing, the client and his family can soak in the relaxing vibes of the tropics.

Highly durable and made of 100% recyclable materials, our artificial greenery provides you with a high-impact solution that is perfect for any space.

Budget: $3000

Products: Green Tropics Vertical Garden UV Stabilised by Designer Plants®

Market Sector: Residential

Location: Madeley, Western Australia

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