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Faux Succulents

What Are the Advantages of Artificial Succulents?

Who’s having their moment in the limelight? Succulents!

Adding a touch of relaxing greenery has been a key design element in homes and corporate spaces for the past couple of years. And succulents have been right in the thick of this trend.

Have you looked at Instagram lately? Succulents have got quite the following. And rightly so, given just how versatile these types of plants are. They can suit a variety of interior design themes, from mid-century, to scandi, to hygge, to laidback LA style.

These tiny plants pack a punch when it comes to adding good vibes to a space. They are typically compact and come in many shapes and colours to sprinkle a bit of happiness into your day.

It also helps, of course, that succulents are certainly a beginner’s plant. They’re pretty resilient little things, but still require some care to really thrive.

But why worry about keeping a plant alive and well, watering too little (or too much) as well as repotting, dividing, or finding a new flower pot when they start outgrowing their home?

Here’s another option: faux succulents! With high-quality artificial succulents, you can enjoy all the beauty without any maintenance. A well-made faux plant will give you the same natural aesthetic and psychological benefits as real greenery, but without all the effort.

So what are the advantages of artificial succulents, you might ask? Read on to find out!

Small Fake Succulent Plants

They’re Easy to Look After

Did we mention that faux succulents come ready to rock and don’t need looking after? They are the perfect home or office accessory for people with busy lives.

All you have to do is

  1. Choose your favourite faux plant(s). We recommend you research real succulents first to confidently pick a high-quality artificial one that looks perfectly life-like and natural.
  2. Choose an awesome pot or two. Did you know that many succulents at Designer PlantsⓇ already come in a snazzy pot? And for a quick change of look and feel, there’s also a whole range of trendy designer bowls, pots and planters, many made out of recycled materials.
  3. Group your succulents in whichever way you like, either in a group of pots or put together in a larger bowl.
  4. Find the right spot, the one that is precisely right for you. The cool thing is that artificial succulents will never suffer from too much sun or shade. They will look good in any place.
  5. Give them a light wipe down now and then.

That’s it!

The only difficult decision you’ll have to make will be which faux succulent(s) to choose!

Inspiration from the Designer PlantsⓇ team: 

Mix it up! Artificial succulents and orchids partner particularly well together. A favourite pairing is with the ever-popular phalaenopsis. Or how about a lush green corner of Mother-in-Law Tongue, Butterfly Orchid, Flaming Zebra and your fave succulents?

They Can Survive in Almost Any Condition

Real succulents are hardy plants, and will often survive even the more haphazard gardeners amongst us. Native to the African continent, they can deal with draughts and generally adverse conditions. Their fleshy, sap-filled leaves allow them to store water to survive dry spells.

However, there is a limit to what a succulent can be put through and still look fresh.

One of the traps many budding gardeners fall into is overwatering their plants – and unfortunately, it is a surefire way to destroy a real succulent.

Made for hot and dry climates, many types of succulents also need at least six hours of sunshine per day, whilst newly potted ones can easily get scorched in too much sun.

With artificial succulents, you’ll never have to worry about these things. In fact, did you know that Designer PlantsⓇ offers a UV protection spray that you can safely use on all faux plants and even your outdoor furniture? It’s non-toxic, long-lasting and proudly made in Australia.

Artificial Succulents

They’re Non-toxic and Mess-free

One of the most persistent myths is that artificial plants are made of cheap materials. A few decades ago, this may have well been the case. But faux foliage has come a very long way since then.

At Designer PlantsⓇ, we are incredibly proud of our continued research into earth-friendly materials for all our products. Check out our artificial green walls or our recycled plastic plant pots!

All our products are ROHS compliant. That means no lead, no mercury, no heavy metals or other nasty toxins. We’ve even compared the carbon footprint of some of our products against their real cousins – the results may surprise you!

By choosing our artificial plants, you also choose a safe environment for your family and furry friends. You won’t have to worry about allergies such as hay fever, toxic reactions, and serious illnesses some of the real plants can cause.

Did you know that cacti also belong to the succulent family? While some cacti can be rather prickly, you will not draw blood looking after an artificial one!

Your faux foliage also won’t attract bugs and, unlike some real plants, are safe for small helping hands and curious paws. So you will never have to deal with potting mix messes, creepy-crawlies, or unwanted water puddles.

Inspiration from the Designer PlantsⓇ team: 

Succulents are perfect for small or hard to reach spaces. Why not get a  String of Pearl Beads hanging succulent overflowing from a hanging basket? You won’t ever have to juggle a ladder and a watering can with an artificial hanging plant. All the joy and no mess!

They’re Always in Season

A flowering daffodil might look slightly out of place in the heat of summer.

Not so your succulents! Because their natural twins are in season year-round, your artificial succulents will fit right in any time of the year.

Nothing will stop you, though, from making seasonal changes to your artificial succulent collection. It doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Here are a few more tips and ideas on how to create stunning seasonal looks with minimal effort:

  • We like the idea of popping succulents in small golden or silver pots for the Christmas season. Don’t have one handy? A can of gold spray will have any plastic pot look fab in no time!
  • Succulents are small enough to make the perfect table decoration without taking over the entire space. Why not add your faux succulents to a lovely beach themed summer’s table, alongside shells and pebbles?
  • Check out these lovely colour combinations. Nothing says autumn more than shades of green sprinkled with pops of orange, yellow and red.

Have we made a convincing case for easy-care artificial succulents yet?

A dose of green will lift any space and give it style and personality. A dose of well-made faux green will give you all that without any of the work and hassle.

So have a go, give your home a spruce up with the latest darlings of the plant world and share your creations. We’d love to see what you’ve done with the place!

Not sure which plant to choose? Please contact our team or come by our showroom.

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